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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by photo5, Jun 30, 2008.

  2. Let the feeding frenzy begin.
  3. Lex,

    the "elements" on DPR are already at it. Why can't we all just get along?

    Lil :)
  4. Just out of interest is the high ISO as good as the D3?

    I probably wait til I get whatever FF 2nd hand, whatever price tag for me is too expensive. I got DX lenses so I am kitted up already :)
  5. The imaging chip, EXPEED engine etc. are identical to D3. So yes, one would expect the D700 to perform as good as the D3. I've only used pre-production D700 cameras, but they bear this assumption out.
  6. Not sure if I missed the info in the article, but did anyone see any mention on how deep the buffer memory when shooting in jpg, raw 12-bit and raw 14-bit at 8fps?
  7. Lex... I know you are waiting for the replacement of the D80. I'm starting to wonder if it will ever come. That is so strange.
  8. at 8 fps (using MB-D10), You can shoot as many JPEGs as your card will hold, or up to 23 12-bit NEF, or 20 14-bit NEF files before the buffer fills up. The only other downside I can see is many of the DX camera holders will have to step up and buy all FX lenses. From what I've read using a DX lens on the D700 stops down the resolution to a weak 5MP... so who wants to buy my D80??
  9. What's so weak about 5mp with that kind of low light performance?
  10. I have a bunch of FX lenses in my bag, they are all Manual Focus Nikkors however, but they would work just fine on the D700, or so I assume having never used one.

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