Nikon D70 r09 error message

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by robcornavaca, Nov 3, 2020.

  1. Anybody knows how to get rid of error message r09 in a Nikon D70. ?
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    Under what circumstance do you observe that r09 error message? I thought r<number> indicates the number of frames remaining in buffer capacity?? Or you are referring to something different?
  3. Just an old snapshot from somewhere i do not remember.. :

  4. Googling D70 error r09, finds huge numbers of this issue.

    It appears to be a great example of a self fulfilling proficy or certainly self generating problem.

    The more people search for 'it' the bigger number of hits you get when you look for it..... and th bigger the number.

    It's not limited to r09. but that seems the most talked about!

    AFAIK, all Nikon error messages start with an Err.. or a blinking ERR

    What I can't see if why people think it's an error, what aspect of shooting won't work?
  5. Are people assuming r is short for eRRor. That's daft,

    ... and why does it appear to be more common on D70s?, other than the search = amplify issue....
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  7. Yes, but what leads them to think it's an error?

    Something must not happen the way they expect, ie the shutter doesn't trip or it won't focus etc...
  8. Thx Shun!

    When i see something of interrest i tend to take a screenshot, and archive it, but sometimes i forget to take a note where i found it.

    I do this because sometimes websites disapear unnoticed..
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    That is the smart approach. Over the years, I have saved a lot of useful URLs but then, because it is over the years, plenty of them have become dead links after a few or perhaps many years. It is much safer to have your own copy around.
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  10. So, it's an entirely internet created false lead.

    There seems to be no references anywhere to something that didn't work/happen, or anything to support the Error part of this long running piece of misinformation.

    Why error?
  11. The OP seems to have gone, she or he posted this "isseu" on the day she or he signed up.
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  12. One message and disappeared.

    Is that the new equivalent game of 'Ring the Doorbell and Run Away' ?

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