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  1. Hello everyone!
    I am now the (VERY) proud owner of a Nikon D500. My God, what a camera! I am an ameteur, but it makes my work look good!

    My question relates to my options regards flashes, specifically remote flashes. With no on-camera flash to act as a commander, I can only use my SB-700 on the hotshoe (as I understand it).

    To add the mix, my fiance has now decided he wants to get into photography (hence me getting the D500; he got my D7000 to start off with!). So, we will be getting another flash (I'm thinking SB-900? Thoughts welcome!), but I want both of them to be commanded remotely - by both the D500 and the D7000 - for situations where either of us want to use two flashes for lighting.
    So, from what I've ascertained (remember, I'm a novice - I know, I'm so very lucky to have a D500!) the D7000 can't control the SB-5000 remotely. And the D500 can't control the SB-700 remotely. So, if I got an SB-5000, we'd be down to each having our own flashes, but neither camera could control the other's flash. Not what we want - we've shelled out an obscene amount of money on photographic gear lately, and I don't use flash a lot yet (let alone my fiance who is still getting to grips with how to use the D7000, let alone introducing flash into the equation!). We need to be able to double up on flashes when the need arises!
    So far, I've come up with the SU-800 as a solution.....but just want to check it will work. I know the D7000 can control the SB-700 and SB-900 flashes, I'm pretty sure the D500 can with an SU-800 commander but I've heard the SU-800 is a poor performer outdoors.....

    So, my question is: will the SU-800 do what I want, assuming we buy a SB-900 (or the like) to supplement the SB-700 we already have, and are the any better options out there, ie that perform a bit better outdoors? I am a fan of the 'false black background' effect using flash to illuminate the subject..and I like doing it outdoors.

    Looking forward to the answers, based on the wealth of really useful information I got last time I posted on here!

  2. The Commander system is infrared optical, and the SB-5000 adds to that also radio control.
    The SB-5000 flash has both commander and radio compatibility, so yes, the D7000 can control it that way (as if it were a SB-700, so to speak). The D7000 internal flash has a Commander mode. Or, you can also put a Commander on its hot shoe.

    The D500 commander does not have an internal flash, but it can control a commander on its hot shoe. On either camera model, that can be a SU-800 commander, or a SB-910 or SB-700 flash in Master mode.
    The infrared commander is not best outdoors in bright sun, but that is not unique to the SU-800.
    The big difference in the D500 and SB-5000 is they can also do radio control. The D7000 or SB-700 or SB-910 do not have the radio feature. You could use other radio control (hot shoe radio triggers) for all of them, even using the D500 or SB-5000 with it, but it would be a different system than the native Nikon radio system. Most of these radio trigger systems are Manual flash mode only, but a few offer their own form of TTL.
  3. look at Yongnuo, they maybe offer all you need, good quality at good prices^^
  4. I've used the commander infrared on my D300s with three SB600 flash units outdoors and it works well. I'm not real far away, but I haven't experienced any problems.
  5. FOr CLS , the SB-500 can be used as a commander also, but it uses the in-camera commander settings, so as a
    replacement for a builtin flash, you can also use th SB-500 (much cheaoper option.
    Otherwise also the Meiks MK320N Master, can be used instead of a SU-*00..
  6. I would get the SB-5000 and WR-R10 so that you can use the SB-5000 as a radio controlled remote with your D500. The SB-5000 can still be triggered optically from the D7000 and used as an on-camera flash on either camera. The SU-800 works well in small white rooms, but in larger rooms or outdoors, you need radio to provide reliable triggering.
  7. Both the SU-800 and SB-5000 are ridiculously
    overpriced, especially for amateur use. I'll second
    the suggestion to look at CLS compatible flashes
    from YongNuo or Godox. For the price of a new
    SU-800 (useless on its own) you could buy 2 or 3
    third party CLS compatible flashes that could be used on either camera. Or buy a TTL radio trigger kit.

    Another alternative is to learn to use flash in manual mode and then you can use a simple and cheap radio trigger to fire any old flash.

    Personally I'm fond of using old SB-25 speedlights in Auto-aperture mode, fired with "dumb" radio triggers. I also have a set of 3 Godox "Ving" V860N flashes that work perfectly in AWL master/slave mode. Altogether my flash gear probably cost less than just 2 SB-910s. Including stands and swivel adapters!
  8. Another alternative is to learn to use flash in manual mode and then you can use a simple and cheap radio trigger to fire any old flash​
    Thats the way to go, you get most of controll setting flash and camera in manual mode, nowadays its easy to check the pic after the shot on display.
    With old flashes is just the problem with the voltage, some use very high voltage, I killed some of my YongNuo triggers with old flashes.
  9. Manual flash is ok if you have a set up shot and have time to experiment or take a flash meter reading, but for e.g. events, or shooting quickly in varying conditions, TTL flash is invaluable.
  10. Thank you so much to everyone for their input.

    For all I'd love to get the SB-5000 and WR-R10 setup, and realise the D7000 would control this remotely, if I understand correctly I'd still have a problem remotely triggering the SB-700 with the D500 (couldn't quite work out if the WR-R10 would trigger the SB700 - didn't look like it as it's radio not infrared from what I can see). But, anyway, it is a lot of money for a pair of amateurs by the time you add an SB-xxx to it too as has been pointed out.

    I've been looking at Yongnuo and their options seem to fit the bill - all the options I need, radio control and at a much more palatable price! I hadn't really considered anything but Nikon, so thatnk you for the suggestion - it looks like a good substitute from what I've read, so I think that's the way forward.

    So that's one dilemma with the D500 sorted (well, nearly). Now to work out the best remote shutter control for it (naturally, the one I have for the D7000 doesn't work with the D500 either!).

    Thanks again everyone!
  11. Now to work out the best remote shutter control for it (naturally, the one I have for the D7000 doesn't work with the D500 either!).​
    I just bought as an experiment, a Meike MK320n flash (small, capable and cheap) to serve as a optical master flash for my SB-600's and this works well for me till now ( still experimenting but looking good.)

    For remote control i am considering a "Camfi" unit (google "Camfi"), which also can give me live view from a tablet or PC , along with multiple controls for camera settings from the same app. This unit connects through WiFi with a tablet or Phone, and through USB with the camera and has its own power from a rechargeable battery , and can be used for most DSLR's ( still need confirmation for the D500, but they advertise with it as being compatible..)

    If i wantto use just a remote shutter control, i use one of those small radio trigger sets ( multiple brands make them, just chose one with a 10-pin connector...)

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