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  1. I just purchased a Nikon D200. I have Photoshop CS and the RAW
    converter does not support the Nikon D200 RAW file. I converted the
    Nikon NEF file to DNG using the converter available for CS2 and
    Photoshop CS will process the DNG file. Does CS2 RAW converter offer
    any advantages over using CS RAW converter with the DNG file?
  2. Huh? You have CS, but used the RAW engine for CS2 in order to open the image up in CS? Is that right?

    I'd have thought that the ACR 3.x would only work if you already had CS2. Does it work with CS as well? Or am I reading this wrong?

    This is a serious question BTW - the main reason I upgraded to CS2 was for the improved RAW converter.
  3. Craig,

    Adobe's DNG raw conversion software is a seperate program from any version of


    I never tried DNG with the PsCs raw converter so I can't answer your p[sCs vs. psCS2
    question directly. In general , ACR 3.3 for PsCS2 is substantially betterthan ACR 2.x for
    PsCS. it has a better interface, more control, and uses better algorithms.
  4. I forgot to add:

    ACR3.3 for PsCS2 processes D200 files directly. Unless you want to use DNG there is no
    need to use it with the D200 NEF files.
  5. Craig, I did not use ACR 3 with Photoshop CS. I used the DNG converter available with Photoshop CS2 and converted the Nikon D200 NEF file to a DNG file. The DNG file can be opened with ACR 2.4 in Photoshop CS. I like the DNG file since it saves the setting in the DNG file that were used to convert the image rather than in an XMP sidecar file. My plan was to upgrade to CS3 when it is available.
  6. The upgrade to CS2 has many improvements, new features that make using it and ACR v3.3
    well worth the upgrade price over what you are currently doing. In particular, the workflow
    automation now possible with ACR and Bridge outstrips what is achievable with CS/File
    Browser/ACR 2.4 by a long shot. (Read Bruce Fraser's excellent book, "Real World Camera
    Raw with Photoshop CS2" for a glimpse at just what's improved with RAW workflow.)

    ACR v3.x itself has many new features that make RAW conversion better too.

  7. Ok, that clears that up for me. Thanks guys, I didn't know it could d that.
  8. This is a bit of a delayed contribution to this discussion but here it is anyway. I am considering a D200 and I have Photoshop CS. I was concerned that I would not be able to acess D200 NEF file from Photoshop CS just as you have found. What I discovered but have not tested is that Nikon View software comes with a Photoshop plugin for accessing NEF format files. Further, Nikon View update 6.2.7 claims to have support for D200 NEF files. This information may be of no use to you. I have Nikon View software because of my purchase of a Nikon D100 camera a few years ago.

    When installing Nikon View, an Adobe Photoshop plugin is added under the Photoshop installation directory for processing camera RAW files. This plugin takes precedence over the camera RAW plugin put in place when Photoshop CS was installed. This often annoys Photoshop users because it provides less sophisticated processing of the RAW NEF image. To that end the Adobe web site has a support entry explaining how to rename the Nikon View plugin so that the Photoshop plugin will again be used.

    While I read that the Nikon View 6.2.7 update supports D200 NEF files that doesn't necessarily mean that the Photoshop plugin that comes with it also supports D200 NEF files.

    Another question I can't answer, your D200 comes with some Nikon software, but not Nikon View. Will that software also install a Photoshop plugin for processing RAW NEF format files? If it does then you may simply need to install the Nikon software after installing Photoshop CS. (In theory!)

    If any of this does work it would provide you a way to edit your D200 NEF files without the need to perform the NEF to DNG conversion step. I have been looking around on the net to see if I could find a D200 NEF file to test this theory for my situation. So far I haven't found such a NEF file.
  9. K a big issue for me. I shoot almost exclusively in RAW and just upgraded from a D70 to D200 to find out with all the hoopla over both CS2, Bridge and D200 capabilities...these great tools are somewhat incompatible? I am a little irked to say the least as I love the flexibility that RAW images give me. I read there is a plug in but it is uncertain whether the sofware that came with my new camera will be give it to me and likewise I'm reading that the capability of the plugin when I get it is less quality than the current totally cool interface I currently use that came with CS2?
    Anybody have a great solution to this problem?

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