Nikon Coolscan III (LS-30) Driver problem

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by keith_payne, Feb 8, 2005.

  1. Hi, I just got given a Nikon Coolscan III (LS-30), and am having
    problems getting a driver for windows XP. The Nikon site has a
    download saying it is the LS-30 driver, but it turns out to be for
    the Coolscan IV (LS-40). Very frustrating. My question is; is
    there anyone out there who is using the Nikon Coolscan III with
    Windows XP Pro. who can email me the driver (or point me in the
    right direction to find it)

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I'm not so sure that there is a 'driver' as such for the LS-30, it's controlled by an application via the SCSI interface, this can be the NikonScan software or Vuescan. How is your SCSI set up, this will need drivers for the SCSI card, and you'll need something called ASPI, which is a layer between XP & SCSI to be able to communicate with the LS-30 under XP. If the SCSI set up is correct the systen should be able to 'see' the LS-30, without any driver being present.

    Another thing is that the LS-30 requires a firmware update to be able to use NikonScan 3+, this is also available from Nikons web site.

    So you need to give a few more details about what you can & cannot do. Does the systen see the scanner in device manager? Do you have ASPI installed ? Once you can see the scanner you should be OK, try downloading the trial of Vuescan & see if that can operate the device.

    I've been where you are with a used LS-30 that I couln't get to work, it turned out to be dead anyway but I learnt a lot trying to get it to work.
  3. Thanks so much for your help!

    I have just installed ASPI and can see the scanner in device manager but it has a large yellow question mark and says there is no driver installed. I haven't updated the firmware. But the scanner works! Via photoshop 6.0 it shows up in the import menu, which then opens Nikon Scan 3 and everything seems great! Do I still need to update the firmware or does that mean it has already been done? And does it matter that it shows up with the yellow question mark?
  4. I used a Nikon LS-1000 under XP. The yellow question mark never went away but it worked just fine after I had installed ASPI.
  5. Glad to have helped! As I sadi there is no driver for this scanner, any drivers are at the SCSI & ASPI layer, so don't worry about the yellow thing. I guess it's already had the firmware update, otherwise NS3+ would not work. Have fun with it, it's still a good scanner, I ended up with a Minolta SDIV when my LS30 died, and the used one I tried to replace it woth turned out to be faulty too. Even though the SDIV is 4-5 years newer & slightly higher resolution, i don't find the scans any better then the LS30.
  6. There most certainly is a driver - you just don't need it.
  7. Hi, the yellow question mark has gone away, device manager is happy, the scanner seems happy and now I am too! Thankyou all very much for your help!

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