Nikon 9000 - Framing Issues with 2 1/4 film

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by paul_sharratt, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    Nikon Coolscan 9000

    Scanning 2 1/4 film (BW, color neg., transparency) shot on plastic cameras
    (Holga, Woca, Diana,others)

    Software: Nikon Scan (current version)

    Issue: When scanning 2 1/4 film shot on these cameras the scanner doesn't
    always frame correctly. The distance between frames is slightly larger then
    shootig with other cameras (say a Rollieflex, Hasselblad). Often I'd like to
    scan a neg as a positive transperency to get the full tonal range in the scan
    but this almost always results in a misalignment of the full frame. If I
    leave settings at monochrome then the scanner will frame ok for adjustments
    but then if I switch to positive the scan will cut one edge off and have the
    other side of the scan including the black between frames. I've used 6x7 to
    cheat to get the whole frame and then crop but it is very difficult to scan
    more than one frame at a time this way and I have to switch and rotate the
    film to scan the second of a two frame strip (have not tried with 3 frames!).

    Question: Is there a method with Nikon Scan of jogging the scanner crop to
    readjust framing. [vague memory of Silverfast being able to do this]
    Alternatively, is there another workaround used by all you low-fiers out there?

    Help appreciated,

    Paul Sharratt
  2. get the glass holder.
  3. Use the "Strip Film Offset" control.

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