Nikkor-Q 135/3.5 ... a little recreational time traveling.

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by uplandlife, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. Cleaning out the closet (where, of course, I'll end up putting everything right back - can't get rid of anything!), and remembered I had this little flare-magnet of a tele, originally paired up with a good ol' F from way back when. It's been modified from its original non-AI form to sit on newer mounts, but of course newer bodies don't know what to do with it, metering-wise. Which is fine. It's one of those slow-yourself-down lenses. In a self-indulgent mood, I thought I'd put it on a body that's only a few years old (as opposed to the lens itself - which is older than I am, in in far better shape).

    Well... what fun! It's really interesting at portrait-type distances. You definitely need to watch the across-the- lens light, since you can quickly lose contrast. But man - it's remarkably sharp, while still having an interesting, and noticeable "flavor" to it.
  2. My version has the built in lens hood. Yours Matt?
  3. Nope, no hood here! It could take a threaded one, though, which would help some with the flare. In fact, a modern multi-coated filter might, too. Maybe. But that might take some of the charm out of it. Here's my first test shot, using some afternoon kitchen north-window light.
  4. For the pixel peepers, this slap-dash experiment (which involved focusing on the corner of a cupboard, and then standing next to it) could no doubt produce better... but for round one, it's interesting.
  5. And then, just to wrap up the completely silly project, and since I already had the black-and-white conversion dialog upon in Capture NX2, I thought I'd max out the color filter level, and run the color selector up into the shorter wavelengths... heh! Add a little more contrast and a burn here and there and ... there! Now the lens definitely looks younger than I do, and I look like I just clocked out of my job in the coal mine.
  6. Stop right there, Matt, you're scaring me! ;-)
  7. I suppose my point, here, is that putting down the usual lens/body combo and just plain horsing around a little bit is satisfyingly different. It gets the creative juices flowing and reminds you to just enjoy the tools and the process for their own sake a bit - especially if using them has been serving other purposes more, of late. Also, it makes you think about sunscreen, a lot!
  8. That the kind of lens I've expect from Nikon. Thanks Matt.
  9. Darn, that Nikkor is too good. Guess I'll need to hang on to my old Lentar T-mount preset 135/3.5 for properly soft, flare-y portraits and older-flavored photos.

    Ran into the same problem with my Yashica 635 TLR and Agfa Isolette folder. Got the dang things for the simple lenses and coatings. They failed to live down to my expectations. I actually had to remove the coating from the Isolette using Flitz polish to get the veiling flare I wanted.
  10. I bought one years ago, the same version as yours, but sadly mine is an original non-Ai. I used it for chromes and I remember a pleasant surprise the first time I used it...
  11. Jose.... You need a nice large-pixel D40 (wink-wink). Makes those old pre-AI Nikkors have fun again!!
  12. bms


    wew.... gives me some idea for my wife's new D60, if she lets me. Thanks!
  13. It occurs to me, since this is the Nikon lens forum, that I should mention... the shot at the top of this thread (of the
    135/3.5) was taken using the much maligned 18-200 VR, quickly hand-held, using the D200's pop-up flash to
    remotely trigger an SB-800 speedlight that was pointing at the ceiling. The lens is sitting on a piece of office printer
    paper, and I was holding a second sheet of it up in front of the lens to provide something bright to see as a reflection.
    I wasn't in the mood to even carry it upstairs to where I had the softboxes and seamless set up. Yes, a fancy-pants
    tilt-shift lens would have been better. But it took less time to shoot this quick ID shot with the carry-around rig than it
    has to type this. That's what I love about that particular recipe - the CLS aspect of it in particular.
  14. I have a non AI version Nikkor-Q Auto 135 2.8 that I haven't even tested a whole lot. They seem to go for around 35 bux on
  15. This belongs to the category of lenses which are not fashionable these days, but do have a certain photographic value.

    My 135 is a much never one, the 135/2.8 AI, so I won't start talking too much about the 135/3.5...
  16. Those were shot with the D200 Matt?
  17. Yes indeedy, Ken. D200... you know, that ancient, out-of-fashion, primitive 10MP dog? It's all I use.

    Well, full-disclosure: I have some film bodies lying about, and actually just picked up a few rolls I'll be shooting this weekend, if all goes well. Just on a lark. But the D200 is how I get things done, most of the time. Next stop, D700, most likely... and WAY too much money on glass.
  18. Nikkor-QC 135/3.5 in Leica Thread mount on a M3; cropped tri-x frame; 1/250 second @ F3.5; Penscola player loosing traction.:)
    OC on a Nikkor in the 1940's and 1950's meant it was coated; ie single coated. The Q menas four elements.

  19. I have the D300 myself and have shot some with my 135mm 2.8, I will have to take it on a road trip soon.
  20. Matt, I just bought one of these on ebay -- # 250293573424. I've heard a lot of rummors that the non-ai work on d60s
    because the
    camera does not have the aperture prong. Heck, I've bounced my d60 on the hardwood floor and tried to fry it with a
    cheap flash. If damage my camera with the lens, you guys can have another "I told you so" thread.

    What else do you have hidden in closet you can show us?
  21. Sunscreen and wrinkely skin of Matt:

    Anyone ever heard of Baz Luhrman's 'Wear sunscreen'? Makes you look younger then your lens again ;)
    Brilliant song. Put that one on, when using that rather good lens you've got there.
  22. That lens is a great bargain. I have one on my "gotta repair that someday" shelf. The lens has at least one whopping large element in it. It changes temperature slowly. Too rapid a change can separate the cement between the elements. Don't ask how I know this. It's not apt to happen under normal conditions, but is something to keep in the back of ones mind if you go out in extreme weather.
  23. I too have one of these in what looks to be identical condition. The focus on this lens is smooth and precise. I have the
    lens hood too, it screws on the front and is about half the lens length.

    I was planning to get it AI'd it but have not found any one to do it in Australia. I have ordered a 52-52mm reverse coupler
    and I shall see how it goes as a macro. I purchased it because it was $20 with no bidders on ebay and I REALLY like the
    chunky metal focusing ring. I have an AI'd 85 1.8 too and love it.
  24. Just found the lens hood at work, HS-4. Works on 105 / 2.5, 135 / 3.5 and 105 / 4. I forgot to mention last post, I really like the portrait.
  25. Hey, thanks, Eric. It's always interesting to try that once in a while... all the more so with a piece of hardware that's not normally in the mix. Keeps you on your toes!

    And to everyone else: hey, thanks for chiming in. It's great when some of the older toys can still stimulate a little conversation and more fiddling about. I just KNOW that a certain auction web site got a little more of pecking-at because of this thread! Right Jerry? :)

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