Nikkor 50mm f 1.2 performance f1.2-8.0

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  1. A long time a go I do some large scale testing of nikkor 50's, but 2 cd of material was newer presented to the public.
    Some time ago Robert Lai draw some short conclusions from material that I send him (and take one 50/1.2 after that).
    But lot of new comers newer hade a chance to see that lens in practise and was subjected to the subjectivenes of lens owners.
    So I deside to shere my test semples so that you can draw your own decision...
    First to say that 50/1.2 was intent to be cheaper substitute for ultra expensive Noct-nikkor 58mm/1.2, but don't be disappointed about that.
    I'll show you how it perform from f1.2 to the f8 and I'll take 35-70 AF/2.8 for the comparation.
  2. Test picture taken with 50mm f1.2 1/4000
  3. taken with f1.4
  4. 50mm f2.0
  5. f2.8
  6. f4.0
  7. f5.6
  8. Now look at the center (5mm) of each picture startinf again from f1.2
  9. Now look at the center (5mm) picture taken with f1.4
  10. center f2.0
  11. center f2.8
  12. center f4.0
  13. center f5.6
  14. Center f8 - look almoust the same as f5.6
  15. Now let us look at the eage picture (12-17mm of center on the 35mm film) Firs look how f1.2 is performing...
  16. BORDER f1.4
  17. border f2.0
  18. border f2.8
  19. border f4.0
  20. border f5.6
  21. border at f8.0
  22. For users of DIGITAL cameras with APS-C sensor size (24x16mm) crop coresponding to border area 7-12mm starting with f1.2
  23. digital APS-C border 7-12mm - with 50mm f 1.4
  24. digital ASP-C border 7-12mm - with 50mm f 2.0
  25. digital APS-C border 7-12mm - with 50mm f 2.8
  26. digital APS-C border 7-12mm - with 50mm f 4.0
  27. digital APS-C border 7-12mm - with 50mm f 5.6
  28. digital APS-C border 7-12mm - with 50mm f8.0
  29. Some tehnical data: <br>
    Film - Kodak Gold 100 ASA <br>
    Camera - Nikon F70 with el.remote shuter relese <br>
    Lense - nikkor 50mm f1.2 MF AI <br>
    Stativ/tripod - vivitar 2800... <br>
    Procesed in Fuji service - labs <br>
    Scaned with Fuji Frontiera SP3000 scaner - 16base(~2400dpi) <br>
    Time of day - MIDDAY - Outside temperature ~2deg celsius <br>
    Now you can see and draw conclusions by you self :) <br>
  30. [​IMG]
    50/1.2 Wide open.
  31. nice one vivek.
  32. Thank you, Kipling!

    I hope you will inspire us all with your wonderful shots, from time to time, here on the Nikon forum.
  33. Vivek



    Thanks for the effort you took to show us all how the MTF translates into real-life applications for the 50/1.2.

    Frankly, with due respect, if I'm shooting such pictures in broad daylight, I'd be better off shooting with a Micro 55/2.8.

    The 50/1.2 is made for low-light applications and for what it's worth, it works pretty well for some of us here on this forum. Vivek's a good example (or did he have an excellent sample? ; )). I'm sure if you looked in this forum at some of the pictures taken with this lens, you'd agree that there some applications for which this lens shines.

  34. Hello Jovan,<p>
    I never got the whole 50mm Nikkor text together because the problem was of how to present the data. I have some summary tables made, but I'm pretty sure with this group that they will want to see the pictures that went into the conclusions. That would result in dozens if not hundreds of photos from each of these lenses, at all apertures. Also, it was not clear with the trend towards digital and Nikon's preference for APS sensors whether there is much use to comparing the 50mm lenses any more. Now of course, it would be interesting if we could compare the 50mm f/1.4 ZF Zeiss lens to the Nikkors.<p>If folks have ideas on how to present the data, I may be able to put together a reasonably sized report.
  35. "That would result in dozens if not hundreds of photos from each of these lenses, at all apertures."

    If one includes distances, it will work out to a lot more photos than I would ever make with any of my 50mm lenses in my lifetime! Astounding!

    No 50mm comes close to the 50mm f/2 Summicron-R. I will modify one for a Nikon F one of these days.
  36. Very Interesting !

    I can see, at least based on the data from the chart, why there is debat on WHICH Nikon
    50mm to get. By F4 they are all very similar. The 1.8 seems to be the one to get for it's
    range of stops. From 2.8 on, it seems to be the BEST lens. If you REALLY need the fast f-
    stops, the 1.2 is clearly better, but....Is the price worth it ? The 1.4 seems to only be better
    than the 1.8 at 1.8 and 2.0 .

    I wonder if there is a chart for the original 35mm f2.0 AF ( non D ) lens ?
  37. Vivek, nice slipping angel. Very good.
  39. Thanks, Luis. He did slip into a sleep (quietly) in his chair when we were busy :)
  40. ky2


    Vivek your shot beats every MTF chart, on any day :)
  41. Jovan, a deep thank you for these chart, I think they are very useful.

    I bought a 50/1.2 less than two weeks ago. I was for business in Tokyo and, since during the day I had to work, I had only evenings for pictures. I am not a tripod guy, I just go around and take picture of people so hand holding the camera for me is a must.

    Without the 50/1.2 I wouldn't have been able to shoot at all. Anyhow, it is interesting to see how at 1.8 this lens outperforms the AF/1.8 which I also own.

    I also find it very interesting to see what the "sweet spot" of the lens is... from time to time there is more light and knowing that at f4 I'll get the best MTF is not bad.

    It would be interesting to see the MTF for this lens at "portrait range"... but I guess you ain't going to repeat all your tests!
  42. Good shot Vivek, I just can't wait to develope my films to see how TriX & 50/1.2 perform together.

    BTW, this lens is a pleasure to use, the focusing ring is so smooth that makes whatever AF lens feel just plastic crap.
  43. From the MTF the F1.2 is the best fast lens at F2.0 and at the top at F2.8 and F4.0 too. Given that it has 9 iris blades it has nice bokeh.

    On a DX sensor camera that cuts away the edges you are left with a lens that beats some of its competion that cost several times more money. On a Nikon DSLR it makes a great 75mm lens at F2.0 and smaller apertures.
  44. Al, Yaron and Bruno- Thanks for your kind words.

    Bruno, Please do post some shots when you get a chance.
    Love your TLR shots that tell many a story.
  45. Bruno

    You'll be glad to know that the 50/1.2 works very well with B&W film. Mine did.

  46. Thank you all for suporting my effort.
    Dear Robert, I didn't want to name or to blame you for anything.
    I do my part of the deal and you do your's but results have to be
    articulater in some well formed REVIEW with test pictures, details, 100%
    crops, charts and lot of tehnicalitis to became objectiv as posible.
    Writung and text has to be minimal and in function of ILLUSTRATING the pictures.
    We are in picture bisnis, showe us a pictures...

    Nightshot - 50mm 1.2~1.4- Poor women - bag
  47. And now on Digital :)
  48. Sorry, a small correction is needed because previous photo was taken with f-stop on f2.0 (not 4.0)
  49. I just get this lens - Nikkor 50mm 1.2 and… it's just amazing! It's a great pleasure to photograph with!
    Here you can see some NEF's I made -
    I guess there is a little back focusing with the D90 I have, not sure about it as I shoot handheld, there is a shift in colour and contrast for sure - getting warmer when close to 1.2, you can see it in the samples… I didn't saw this issue so strong on other lenses actually… what's the explanation?
    In any case - great lens!

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