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Discussion in 'Education' started by kelly_raz, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. Does anybody know anything about how good the New York Film Academy's one-year photography program is? i can't find any information about it. i'm really looking for a one year photo program, i originally really wanted to go to ICP, but to my knowledge, they don't take any financial aid. This leaves me trying to choose between NYFA's program and Hallmark. I already know that Hallmark has a strong and solid program and I am leaning towards applying there, but I'm from NJ and would rather something closer to home like in NYC for monetary reasons. Does anybody know anything about NYFA, or about any other year-long photo programs?
  2. Kelly - I'm looking at the ICP Winter 2010 catalog, available as a pdf for download, and there is a paragraph on financial assistance for students in their full-time programs. It is on page 16.
    I know nothing about the other programs, sorry.
  3. Hi, Kelly! I, too am looking at going to NYFA for the one-year photography program. Hallmark is also my other option! However, it does seem a little bit too expensive for me. I don't know anyone who has gone to NYFA for the photography program.
    Who can help us please? :)
    Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in Chelsea also has a photography program! I heard it's pretty good but for both FIT and NYFA, I can't seem to get anyone to give me a call - unlike Hallmark who gave me a call within a week of my inquiry.

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