New Year Weekly Post Processing Challenge 30th December 2017

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by Gerald Cafferty, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. Another weekly challenge.

    If anyone else would like to post next week please give it a go, upload a High resolution jpeg. Just indicate by Wednesday next in this thread if you are willing to try.

    Remember there are no rules you can do what you wish in your interpretation, please can you give information of the steps taken and software used to add interest.

    It is not meant as a competition just a bit of fun.

    PPC_30th December2017-Source.jpg
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  2. LR to adjust highlights / shadows and crop from right side. NIK for Detail Extractor and Tonal Contrast 1490386_5dc86de7fa36d4621d5e197d5e5c6d6f.jpg
  3. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    Im not very good at this but I cropped it a bit, added some color to the sky. lightened the tower. Im sure someone with the know how can make this one pop.
    PS fixer.jpg
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  4. [​IMG]PN Challenge 12-30-2017 by David Stephens, on Flickr

    Processed with DxO PhotoLab
    1;1 crop, focusing mainly on the lighthouse
    Horizon was level
    "Clearview" +54
    EV +21
    Highlights -32
    Shadows +11
    Microcontrast +14
    Vibrancy +36

    I wanted to raise shadows a bit more, but DxO is designed to work with the RAW file and started to flatten the colors when I went as far as I wanted.

    Great file.
  5. Cropped from right side and top in PSE15. Went to Silver Efex and used Antique Plate preset. Returned to PSE15 and used levels to adjust tonality and contrast. Also used dodging and burning tools to refine tonal levels selectively. 1490386_5dc86de7fa36d4621d5e197d5e5c6d6f copy.jpg
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  7. Cropped with adjustments in Lightroom; also adjusted in SNS-HDR for a little grittiness. lighthouse2.jpg
  8. Naturally if I post something semi-normal, I have to go off the deep end! Hence, I present to you my Topaz Glow experiment, "Light" House. lighthouse5.jpg
  9. I liked the composition, so no cropping. I started by selecting the sky in CS5 and converted it to black and white, then flattened the image. After adjusting levels and contrast, I used the "oil painting toned" selection in Topaz Simplify, and then made further levels adjustments of red and green in CS5. ppc1.jpg
  10. Topaz BW Effects2, Infrared 2

  11. For my last act of 2017 . . . Changed from portrait to landscape in PSE15. Solarized in Color Efex. Color modifications in PSE15, followed by some doing and saturation. Then added water paper sketch effect. 1490386_5dc86de7fa36d4621d5e197d5e5c6d6f copy.jpg
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  12. Paul, I have no education or training in photography. My work is the result of happy accident or trial and error. Keep on working on the image; you may be pleasantly surprised.

    By the way, what software did you use for the challenge image?
  13. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    thans for the encouragement. ive been a film user all my life. this digital stuff is something i started when i retired. my son gave me an old canon 20d he was going to toss. gotta tell ya, digital makes you lazy. i do enjoy my darkroom and hate computer work.

    anyway, i still shoot film for my more serious work, digi is play. im using photoelements 6 on an old xp computer. i have no need for anything more fancy.
  14. Paul, I have no reason to get into the tired old film vs. digital debate. Unlike yourself, even though I used film from the time I was 10 until I took the plunge into the digital pool in roughly 2003. Sadly, I never did any darkroom work, so the possibility of doing postprocessing excited me. I guess it's all a matter of perspective.
  15. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    hahahaha this is more about teaching an old dog new tricks, not digital vs film. im just happy shooting anything.
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  16. Thank you all for taking part.

    My Effort.............Starting in LR. check horizon and crop, basic exposure highlight and shadows, in HSL increased luminance and saturation of the blues. Opened in Color Efex Pro 4, applied a Film Efex filter, after tweaking transferred to Element to add the text.
    The intention was to suggest a holiday post card, back in the day when next day post delivery was the norm they were sent in their millions.


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