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Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by anthony_crowe, Feb 12, 2015.

  1. After many decades of photography I have retired but want to keep the pulse of photographers and photography in my immediate view. My solution for this is to start a photography forum <a href="" >SimplyPhotography</a> .
    This is brand new but those of us who have started the Forum have decades of professional photography under our belts.
    We are looking for new and enthusiastic members but our aim is to be a lot smaller than so that we can help, or have contribute, any photographers at any level that want a hands on experience with our comrades behind the lens,
    The first 30 members will be designated as "Charter Members" and have their own section on the Forum. Their input to the progress and content will be very seriously considered as we grow. Also, there is no competition for Brand Names as we all agree that it is the photographer that makes the image; even with a pin hole camera from a cardboard box.
    We have 28 Charter Memberships available and welcome those who want to come on board. Thanks for taking a look and we hope you find the Forum a place to grow as our Forum grows. TCrowe - Glen Ellen Photogrpahy

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