New Minox DSC Silver 5.1 MP 0,5m focus

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  1. I don't know why Martin Tais thread disappeared but here is the link again
    Technical data MINOX DSC Digital Spy Camera Silver - the next Spy Generation
    Image sensor 5,1 MP, CMOS Sensor
    Image resolution Still: 2.608 x 1.956 pixels
    Videoclip: 640 x 480 pixels
    Memory Internal: 128 MB NAND Flash memory
    External: optional mircro SD card up to 16 GB
    Viewfinder Optical (Galileian-Style)
    Display 1,5" TFT LCD display (integrated in DSC
    Flash module)
    Flash DSC with LED Flash
    DSC Flash: electronic flash
    Lens Minoctar lens / lens with IR filter
    Focal length 9,0 mm (corresponds to approx. 42 mm
    with 35 mm format)
    Lens aperture F 2.0
    Focus range Manual focus: 0,6m, 1,1m, infinity
    White balance Automatic
    Shutter speed Automatic
    Power supply Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer-Battery
    Auto power-off OFF-Mode after 1 min. inactivity
    File format Still: JPEG
    Videoclips: AVI
    System Requirements PC Microsoft Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista
    Intel Pentium III, 450 MHz or higher
    128 MB RAM (recommended)
    USB 2.0 High Speed
    800 MB free hard disc space
    Internet Connection
    Mac Mac OS 9; Mac OS X 10.x
    500 MHz Power PC G3 or higher
    128 MB RAM (recommended)
    USB 2.0 High Speed
    800 MB free hard disc space
    Internet Connection
    Computer interface mini USB-cable (USB 2.0 high speed)
    Dimensions DSC:86mm(W) x 30mm(L) x 21mm (H)
    DSC Flash: 91mm(W) x 41mm(L) x 21mm (H)
    Weight DSC: approx. 90g
    DSC Flash: approx. 80g
    Scope of delivery DSC, flash/display-unit, lithium-ion-battery for DSC and flash/display-unit, chain, mini USB-cable, USB-cable for recharging flash/display-unit, carrying case
    Order-No. 60666
  2. It is odd, beside, there is only one shop selling it, looks like it is far less popular then the DSC orginal.
    I avoid UPS/FEDEX shipping due to unreasonable "brokerage fee"
  3. I'm more curious about the new Minox DCC camera (the one that looks like a Leica 1f). It seems like, if it lives up to the descriptions, it might address my two biggest dislikes about small digital cameras: 1) having a useable optical viewfinder (even those that have them, like the G11, they're pretty useless), and 2) autofocus delays and the long pause between pressing the button and taking a photo.
    Has anyone tried one yet? Any impressions?
  4. Tony, you meant ?
    I have the earliest version of M3 DCC, which has only 3MP and fix lens.
    The hardware 5.1MP DCC certainly is improvement over the older version, and it also has
    advantage over DSC of same sensor, same focusable lens, because the former not only has a larger built in battery but that battery is availabe from ebay.
  5. The DCC M3 with optical finder and built in screen is in fact a lot smaller than DSC + flash.
    I have never once used the flash. I think it would make more sense to sell only the DSC, with
    the flash as an option accessory.
    Further, I don't understand the logistic of DSC design, why on earth DSC and the flash use two different kind of battery ? Why not just use the same type of battery, so that in case
    the battery in DSC lost its voltage, one can have a spare in the flash and can be removed
    and put into DSC.
  6. Hi Martin,
    Yes, that's the one I was curious about. From the specs it sounds like it has a larger display than the DCC M3 or the DSC, but the viewfinder is an external clip on version. (It seems like hot shoe mounted viewfinders have suddenly become very trendy, which is odd I suppose).
    Do you find the DCC M3 suffer from the same delayed response as other digital cameras, or does the manual focus avoid it?
  7. Tony, the DCC M3 has same kind of delay as other digital cameras, manual focus does'ht help
    because the delay is caused by the digital process of interpolation, store into memory etc
  8. [​IMG]
  9. The DSC mark I is not sharp at 1m, althought it is within the range of 1-infinty
    A proxar is a remedy
    However it is not conveniet to carry a proxar around, hence DSC silver is much better
  10. The lens on DSC silver probably is the same as on DCC 5.1, a Minoctar 4 element glass lens
    with focal length of 9mm and aperture F2, vs no name lens of 8.7mm F2.8 on the first version
    DSC. The DSC silver lens is faster by one stop over the old version. The old version DSC
    only mention about a 4 element glass lens without any Minoctar designation, probably
    not a German designed lens. Since Minox named the DSC silver lens as Minoctar, it could
    be a made in Germany lens, or at least a Minox designed lens, hence better color is expected. Pictures from the lens on DSC first version looks muddy, lack the vibrant look
    of Minox 35 series. I hope picture from DSC silver looks better. I am undecided between
    DCC 5.1 or DSC silver.
  11. It looks like plastic junk to me and the add-on flash makes it much too big.
  12. Well I've just picked one of these up and it's not plastic but it might well be junk! It actually feels very nice in the hand and i really like the idea of going out with the camera and only attaching the flash/screen when you get home to review the images you've taken. I also like the minimal controls.
    In fact I was going to set up a blog with pictures taken by this camera but unfortunately after a week I've yet to take a sharp and correctly exposed photo. The colours are way off and really just about any camera phone takes much better photos. I'll persevere with it as it's a nice item which has something of the feel and look of a proper minox-just needs a better lens and sensor!
  13. so here's an example (one of the better ones)
  14. and another!
  15. finally!
  16. So I thought I'd give the blog a go anyway -we'll see how it goes!
  17. Simon, from your photos, it seems that the DSC silver has better color rendering than
    the orginal DSC.
  18. Taken with a Silver DSC.
  19. nice picture! I've had a bit better success rate with the little camera over the last couple of weeks and am continuing to add pics to my blog listed above-I'm finding it lots of fun and although the camera doesn't quite have the quality feel of my Minox A it's a lot easier to take a quick snap and upload it-I think the concept of the camera is basically sound and maube they could develop it further. I'd be happy to pay £500 for a camera this size and design that took sharp,well balanced photos and was built to higher standards.
  20. ICAM0022.JPG
    Minox dsc silver

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