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  1. So, it's time to thin out the collection a little more, and today I have a couple of rather nice, if flawed, cameras that work. I would like to give them away to someone who is willing to shoot some film through them. So, my deal of the day is that the first person to apply for one and promise to run at least one roll of film through it, and post some picture here, can have it, and I'll pay for the mailing. Previous giveaways with mailing reimbursed have left me a few bucks ahead, so I'll eat this pair. So here are the cameras:
    First we have a Zeiss Contaflex Super, rather dirty but not too bad looking. Its meter does not work, even a little bit, and its coupled aperture/shutter mechanism is a little balky but works. The latch for the lenses also does not latch, but the lenses attach fine. It comes with a slightly delaminated 35 mm. F4 lens which makes beautiful pictures, a beat-up looking but working 50/2.8, and a really nice looking 90/F4 lens. I have shot some film through this, and it works and has some of that Tessar magic. The whole kit goes in a box.
    Second, we have a Voigtlander Ultramatic CS. The meter on the camera does not work, and the front shutter button has disappeared (still works, just missing the ergonomic cover). It only has half of its eveready case, but that's enough to hold the strap. The lens is a 50/ F2 Septon with visible delamination on the inner element which does not appear to bother it much if at all. I ran some film through this some years ago, and the results were quite pretty. This camera also includes the instruction book and cold shoe flash bracket. By the way, the viewfinder on this one is very nice, and has a nice diagonal split image.
    If someone wants either (or both for that matter), I will send, but remember you're on your honor to shoot a roll of film through them and share the results.
    As usual, you can get my email from the web site, and if you email with a mailing address I will try to get these out in a reasonable time.
    Edit to add: I am not sure how often I will be checking email, and it's not always easy to sort out timing, so to avoid confusion, please post here first, and that will be the measure of priority.
  2. I'd love the Zeiss Contaflex! It looks like a pretty solidly built camera and I have as of yet to test out a new batch of Kodak Tri-X 400 that I just bought, and would love to run it through!
  3. Hi Matthew,

    I would like to take the Ultramatic with Septon lens. Many
    thanks for the generosity.

  4. Ok, I guess that's that. I have email from Zheng Li on the Ultramatic, and the Zeiss will head to Spencer Lang's as soon as address is confirmed.
    More to come, but I have a few things to do this week, so it may be a while. Stay tuned.

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