New Canon 20D

Discussion in 'Sports' started by tim_adams, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. So will you buy one? Its official. Street price looks like $1,300 for
    the body. I think I will get one early next year, and the 10D will be
    the backup. Can't afford the mkII, and the 20D should be better for
    sports. It won't be mkII fast AF, but it should be better than the
    10D. The 25 frame buffer is also much better, the 10D takes a LONG
    time to write to the card if you fire off a few RAW shots in a row.
  2. The information is already removed on You didn't happen to save a pdf, did you?
  3. No, but the specs have been leaked also. Check out (10D forum), or the Canon SLR forum at
  4. Seems Canon took the page down. Official annnouncement was to come 8/20. Here are the specs. 2 new consumer zooms also.
    8.2 MegaPixels
    1:1.6x Crop
    9 Point focusing
    1/8000s Max Shutter speed
    5fps Continuous speed
    25 frame buffer
    EF-s support
    E-TTL II support
    0.2sec startup time
    50g lighter than 10D

    Price US$1600 RRP
    (Street price should be closer to 1300 they say)

    August 20 - Announcement
    September 20 - On Sale

    Also 2 Lenses will be announced at launch of 20D
    EF-s 10-22mm /f 3.5-4.5
    EF-s 17-85mm /f 4-5.6 IS (Will be sold with 20D also like the 300D)"

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