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  1. Anybody know anything for sure?

    Scouring the boards, there are rumors all over the place. First there is the Sinar/Rollei camera. That might
    be a 645, maybe something else. No photos have leaked out yet, although a bunch of new lenses have
    come out from Rollei suggest that they are not abandoning the 6000 line.

    Then there is notice that Hassy is announcing a new camera, probably with a new format. Hmmm.

    And then the image of an Arca prototype - probably too early for its announcement.

    Any others - or any news people would like to share?

    Its tantalizing!

  2. Not to mention the Pentax 645d with 18 megs and up coming versions with up to 30 megs. <p>
    New backs from Leaf with faster frame rates. <p>
    The new Sinar-Rollei 645 cam is jenoptic owned and they've announced a number of new lenses already. This is from the announcement: <p>
    Next to the new camera there will be 6 new AF D lenses presented. The high resolution lenses have been conceived for use with the 6000 series camera in combination with digital backs. Franke & Heidecke guarantee high reflex absorption and color brilliance with the multi coated elements, called Special Coating System (SCS).
    According to the press release, these are the new lenses: <p>

    S-Flektogon 2,8/35 mm<p>
    Flektogon 2,8/50 mm<p>
    Biometar 2,8/80 mm<p>
    Tele-Biometar 4,0/150 mm<p>
    Tele-Biometar 2,8/150 mm<p>
    Vario-Biometar 4,6/60-140 mm<p>

    According to Franke & Heidecke the new SCS coatings aren't the only thing that makes these new lenses digital ready. The lenses are based on optimized lens formulas, that can handle the high demands of digital photography.
    Also interesting, the new lenses carry names that were once used by the original company VEB Carl Zeiss JENA, that changed into Jenoptik AG after Germany united.<p>
    The cooperation seems to be working. There are hints that there will be even more to see: a new high end MF digital camera.<p>
    Pretty serious competition going on - me likey.
  3. Pentax 645d >>>
    Well, wishful thinking. Hopefully it will be there finally. And for sure will cost a house or two.
  4. Sinar is now owned by Jenoptik.

    All of the medium format backs continue to be designed for 6x4.5 cameras.

    The Seitz/Dalsa very high rez scanning back really looks to be the most really interesting
    but as it as it is a scanning back that means you can light with electronic flash.

    Hasselblad is unlikely to be abandoning the 6x4.5 format H line cameras.

    The Arca-Swiss is a body that you attach your choice of digital back to. It is similar in
    design to the Hoseman SW-D and the Sinar Handy before it.
  5. "but as it as it is a scanning back that means you can light with electronic flash" - can? or cannot?

    Can you use flash in the middle of scan process?, what fraction of picture would you get ? How that works with fast flash, e.g. 1/10000 sec duration?
  6. Sorry for the confusion:

    You CANNOT use electronic flash unless Dalsa has found someway
    around this. Frankly I am surprised that BetterLight hasn't already developed a 6x7 or 6x9
    version of their scanning backs.
  7. Keith Laban Photography
    The most exciting thing about the new Seitz/Dalsa cameras/backs is the time they take to scan an image when compared to the BetterLights. It would be good to see smaller format versions.
  8. Actually that is one of the most interesting things about the Seitz back; it can be used in different formats: 6x6, 6x9, 6x15 or 6x17 panorama. With the smaller formats the speed increases.
  9. Keith Laban Photography
    "Actually that is one of the most interesting things about the Seitz back; it can be used in different formats: 6x6, 6x9, 6x15 or 6x17 panorama"
    Indeed, but my point was who on earth would want to shoot 6x6 or 6x7 on location using this beast?
  10. All of this is exciting except for those of us who have used Rollei or Hasselblad because of
    the square format. I think Frank & hedidecke could have made a square sensor easily since
    the sensor size is smaller than the real size of a 645 analog camera.
    This way they would also have kept the square clientele. instead they will go head to head
    with everyone else in the MF field.
  11. I want a digital back for my Bronica RF645. No chance of that, though, unless I make one myself....
  12. Hi guys!

    I've seen the new beauty already under glass! It comes as a SINAR and as a ROLLEIFLEX in modern design. Power hand grip with screen and as control panel. Looks like a bestseller!


  13. Sinar continues to work with Jenoptik, but is now owned by Leica.

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