NEW And Used Leica R Lenses 280/4, 28-90mm, 21-35mm, 35-70mm, 80-200mm, 60mm Camera R9, R6.2, R4 etc

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  1. I am located in The Netherlands and the Price is given in Euros .

    I have an outstanding history on ebay both as a seller and buyer and also can give you many references from US, Canadian, European, and Australian users with whom I have done business.

    I have sold to and bought from, many items, US; Canada; and other countries without any problem.

    Local pickup is always welcome, I of course can send the items too.

    I happened to have some NEW/NEVER USED and USED Leics R Latest ROM Lenses as below.


    1. Leica R 21-35mm ROM NEW in BOX , complete - 2499 EUROS NOW 2199 EUROS

    2. Leica R 28-90/2.8-4.5 ROM NEW in BOX, complete - 5199 EUROS

    3. Leica R 35-70/4 ROM NEW in BOX, complete - 1499 EUROS NOW 1399 EUROS

    4. Leica R 60/2.8 ROM (E55) NEW with both the front and rear caps - 1499 EUROS NOW 1199 EUROS

    5. Leica R 80-200/4 ROM NEW in BOX, Complete - 1999 EUROS NOW 1499 EUROS

    6. Leica R 280mm f4 ROM NEW in BOX, complete - 5499 Euros.

    USED -

    Leica R Modul System Small Head 280/560, it has two small scratch in the front glass which does not have effect in the picture - 2499 Euros

    Leica R 480/6.8 Excellent condition, complete - 599 Euros

    Leica R 180/2.8 Non Apo, Excellent - 399 Euros

    Leica R 100/2.8 APO Macro lens, has some wears in the barrel, clean glass, rest perfect, comes with both the front and rear caps - 1499 Euros

    Leica Macro Adapter Latest ROM version in virtually New condition for 100/2.8 Macro Lens - 299 Euros.

    Leica R 35-70/4 latest ROM version , hardly any sign of use, clean glass, comes with both the caps and hood - 799 Euros

    Leica R 35-70/3.5 has some wears in the barrel, clean glass, rest perfect - 399 Euros

    Leica R 50/2 has some wears in the barrel, clean glass, rest perfect - 499 Euros

    Sigma 28mm Leica R Mount, very sharp Lens, Excellent -199 Euros

    Leica R 28-70/3.5 Excellent, Just Normal signs of use in the barrel, clean and perfect glass, perfect in function - 350 Euros

    Leica R 28/2.8 latest ROM Lens, Like New, comes with built in hood and both the front and rear caps - 1499 Euros

    Leica Zoom lens D Vario Elmarit 1:2.8-3.5/14-50 Asph. 72mm Excellent - 299 Euros

    Leica R 1.4X APO converter, Excellent with both the caps - 399 Euros

    Leica R 2x Non APO Converter - 99 Euros

    Leica R9 Black Body, Ex-Demo, almost New in original packing - 999 Euros

    Leica R6.2 Absolutely Like New, used only a few times - 799 Euros

    Leica R4 Body in very clean and in Like New condition -99 Euros

    Leica R3 Mot body in good shape but the light meter doesn't work, rest works -50 Euros

    Metz Flash for Leica R Series camera up to R8 - 99 Euros

    Serious inquiry only, I will send pictures of the items to your email.

    Enjoy my Photography -
    Nature Photography by Dhruba K Sapkota
  2. Leica R6.2 has been sold now.
  3. The Leica R 80-200/4 ROM has been sold.

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