Need softbox suggestion for Nikon speedlight!!

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by a._valerio, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. I need a suggestion for a compact (15 inch or so) softbox to be used with a Nikon
    SB-25 speedlight on a Stroboframe Pro-T flash bracket.

    I have looked into a Morris Softbox:

    and also a Westcott Mini Apollo:

    However, having never seen one in person, I can't figure out how these units would
    attach to the portable Nikon flash unit, or if it's even strong enough to support one.
    I've read everything on B&H's site, linked to related accessories, and have read the
    info on the manufacturer's sites.

    I'd prefer a box that allows the flash unit settings to be changed from the rear
    easily. If that means shoot-through diffusion rather than rear-facing position of the
    flash head, so be it.

    I'm seeking recommendations on various boxes available from B&H and also the
    components needed in order to attach them to the SB-25 or Pro-T bracket.

    Thank you!
  2. I think that Westcott's Mini Apollo should fill your requirements If I have read your
    request properly.
  3. I was looking at this kit here:

    Nice little video showing how it works lower down on the right.

    But I ended up buying this kit here, with a 16"x22" softbox.

    I liked it so much I ordered the next size up Photoflex Lite Dome, 24"x32", as well. this one did not come in a kit. So I had to order a basic connector and the speed lite accessory mount as well. I am probably pushing the limits of my Canon 580ex II with a 24"x32" soft box. But I am told it will work. It will be here Monday so I will know soon enough.
  4. Terry,

    Thank you very much. That softbox (the first one) is exactly what I had in mind! And the video was perfect!

    Now I have to figure out which components to buy to make everything fit together properly.
  5. Looks like I only need this and the softbox:

    Adjustable shoe mount connector.
  6. you would use the apollo with just an umbrella adapter, like this one:,859.html

    as the apollo is designed to be like an umbrella, but with a big old softbox diffuser on the end.
  7. A. Valerio,

    That is included in the Kit.
  8. I use the Morris 15x18-inch softbox on my SB800s and it works great main light for a small subject or rim for a larger one.

    I also use the Westcott 50x50-inch Apollo, which I've used to light four people with. (See here.)

    Both attach to the speedlight with a standard umbrella holder, the Morris using its own speedring and the Westcott with a rod.



    Second Draft
  9. Thank you, everyone. I think I have what I need now; I ordered the components of that PhotoFlex kit from B&H.
  10. I've heard that the Westcott's Mini Apollo is great, I'm actually planning on getting one soon. No speedrings necessary either.
    - Joe Alisa

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