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  1. Can't seem to find any info online about a camera body I have an opportunity to purchase, and that is a NIKON F2AS Titanium. I know there was the Titan and other F2 Ti model, but I can't find anything on an AS titanium. This one has the large pentaprism like a standard F2, stacked ASA, etc. controls and such. Is it that rare? I saw it, held it and marveled at it. The one for sale is in immaculate condition with the MD-2 motor drive, but I am trying to figure out what it's worth.
    It was all black, no titanium indicators, just an AS on the prism and a crinkle paint finish on all covers. It was definitely not brass. It felt incredibly solid.
    Can anyone tell me something about this model? Should I snatch it up?
    Much thanks!
  2. There was a specific Nikon 2T model with a titanium body. I don't know if there was a 2AS version of it. Of course, many Nikon models have titanium shutters, so you need to know what it is you are getting.
    If it is the true titanium body, it'$ rare and collectible, but I've heard there are regular Nikon F2s refinished to look like the 2T.
  3. It's very likely a F2 Titan with a standard DP-12 (AS) finder - here is some info on the F2 Titan: and
    AFAIK, there never was a DP-11 or DP-12 finder with a titanium housing.
  4. Thanks for the feedback.
    Your ideas are possible...BUT....
    The word "Titan" is not engraved into the body anywhere.
    Mine looks like an F2/T with a F2AS prism on top, but the controls on mine are distinctly F2.
    The seller has been in the repair business for well over 30 years, so I am pretty sure he's not messing with me. He has sold me many classic lenses and an F3 body and they've all been incredible items...and he holds things special for me (i.e. won't sell to anyone else) if I am seriously interested. He knows every dial and switch on it and took it apart for me and showed how it works. Touching it I know the difference between brass and titanium. This felt like I could cut my hand on the corners -- like it was chiseled from a solid block. Not a mark on it. Now, his words were, "Don't even ask me how much because I have no idea what it's worth yet -- you won't find this model on eBay or anywhere. It's very rare." It's not that I doubt him, but for my own knowledge I'd like to know the approximate value of a mint condition titanium F2AS. It been hard to find anyone else who has even seen one!
  5. There are a few F2 T listed on ebay - most don't seem to be selling at the $3-4K asking price. One with a DP-3 prism recently sold for $1645 - and that included a DS-2 aperture servo unit.
    There was a version of the F2T without the word Titan engraved - check the two links I provided above.
    F2AS bodies still demand a fairly high price.
    Check here for some stories on fake F2T cameras:
  6. Dieter,
    Sover Wong has ceramic ring resistors custom made for F2AS repairs, also metal
    gears made for the MD-2 motor drive.
    Best regards,
  7. Thanks Clay, I just found out myself....
    The F2AS was the camera I was drooling over when I wanted to buy my first camera - but money only stretched far enough for the little sister FM with a 105/2.5..
  8. From what I understand, the F2 was the only camera Nikon made with a titanium body structure. The F2AS has a titanium shutter, but not a titanium body structure. I don't have a copy of The Nikon Compendium handy to look at, so this is all from memory.
    Are you sure it's a F2AS and not a F2 Titanium without Titan engraved into it?
  9. I'm confident your seller is not trying to mislead but simply isn't familiar with Nikon's nomenclature. Nikon never produced a metered, titanium prism so, while the body may be titanium the DP-12 prism is not and, therefore, the camera is not considered an F2T / F2 Titan. A proper F2T/Titan, which combines the standard, eye-level (non-metered), titanium prism mounted on a titanium body, is far more valuable.
    Confusion arises when people assign and repeat specious names, such as 'F2AS Titanium' or 'Titanium F2AS', leading one to believe the entire camera is titanium. Nikon never made reference to such a model, whether it be the Photomic, S, SB, A or AS. The more accurate name for such a camera would be 'titanium F2 body with DP-12 prism' but that's a bit awkward...and not benefically misleading. Regardless, it's diffcult to decline a titanium F2 body. Perhaps you could acquire a proper finder at a later date.
    '...but the controls on mine are distinctly F2.' I should hope so ;)
    Richard, Nikon also made the F3 (F3T) and FM2N (FM2T) in titanium.
  10. Aaah, now you're making sense. It very well could be a F2 Titan -- without the inscription -- fitted with a DP-12 prism. Still makes for an impressive setup, tho a bit of a hybrid.
    I am going to get the serial number tomorrow and see what I can find.
  11. According to my Nikon Compendium, a later Titan will not be labeled as such on the front, but should have a T as the prefix to its serial number.
  12. Aaah, now you're making sense. It very well could be a F2 Titan -- without the inscription -- fitted with a DP-12 prism. Still makes for an impressive setup, tho a bit of a hybrid.​
    That's what I said in my first post already.
  13. Sorry, Dieter. You can have the glory. I am looking forward to telling the seller that he (or someone) fitted a DP-12 to a Titan body. Just don't tell me that this is a rare specimen because it never actually was issued in this configuration.
    The crazy thing is that I've seen *mint* Titans selling for $2K and up, and very clean F2AS' WITH the MD-2 for under $1000. If I really want an F2AS maybe get a really clean one or do you think the Ti model is a good investment.
    I want to use it, not put it under glass.
  14. The deed is everything, the glory is naught.
    For a user, I would probably go for an F2AS. A mint F2T (with the correct finder) has a higher value in the market place - but as you put it - a hybrid may not. With almost all film camera values being down, it is quite astonishing that F2AS bodies still command a premium. A mint F2T might be a good investment - but not if you actually use it.
  15. but not if you actually use it.​
    Now that's a concept!
  16. Richard, Nikon also made the F3 (F3T) and FM2N (FM2T) in titanium.​
    Yes, I found that when I looked further into it - like I mentioned in my original post, I was doing it from memory. (What I failed to mention is that my memory on film cameras seems to not be that good.)
  17. Titanium is about half the density of brass, so finding out if an F2 is Titanium-clad should be fairly easy using just a set of scales. The practical advantage of a Titanium camera is probably a bit harder to determine.
  18. I owned two F2AS cameras and they are fabulous (heavy though). I also do not recall a titanium model, but you will thoroughly enjoy using it.
  19. I bought a brand new F2 Titan with the papers, box, registration card etc. a couple of years ago. It came out of Japan. It has the Titan inscription on the body with the DE-1 viewfinder. The DE-1 is resting safe in the box and I put the DP-12 finder on the body. Now the crinkle finish on the DP-12 does look like it might be pretty close to the titanium finish. BUT, it ain't titanium. It's a close look alike match though. I bought this camera to use and not sit on a shelf somehwere. Together we've made some very interesting pictures. Love this machine. There's something about opening the box and seeing a camera that's old, that's new...

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