Name that Calumet 45

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by dw|1, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. I need to identify the model Calumet 45 that I bought.
    I'm selling it and want to give an accurate description to
    potential buyers.
    I was told it was a 45N, but I don't think that's correct.
    I have 4 pictures in my portfolio. The serial is 20948.
    I'm hoping somebody can identify the exact model and approximate its age.
  2. It would appear to be a Calumet CC401. If that's a 22" rail, then it is for sure.

  3. Its definately one of the 400 series, either 400 or 401, I don't remember the difference, but they all take the same boards, don't have interchangeable bellows or universal backs, but they are all also excellent basic workhorse view cameras that will do a fine job.
  4. It is a 400 type Calumet. The same camera was originally made by Kodak and sold as their "Masterview" camera.
  5. Don Wilkes is right. If it has a 22" rail it's the CC-401. The CC-400 comes with a 16" rail. The longer rail being for close up shots where a longer bellows is needed. I have the original manual that states what Don and I are saying if that helps eliminate some doubt.
  6. I certainly agree on the identification.
    I bought mine direct from Calumet in 1968. They'd been advertising them for years. In the early 70's they offered it with a black finish, but same design.
  7. I own one, checked the manual, if it has the:
    20" rail, then it has 16" bellows draw = CC-400 "STANDARD"
    26" rail, then it has 22" bellows draw = CC-401 "LONG FOCUS"
    13" rail, then it has 7 3/16" bellows draw = CC-402 "WIDE FIELD"
    Steve L. is right, the Masterview design / machining was sold from Kodak to Calumet when Kodal wanted to get out of camera manufacturing.
    Nice studio camera, the geared rise is really nice except that you need to push in the knob while turning. I'd recommend a Tech IV for the outdoor use.

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