Naked wedding photos

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  1. Somehow I don't see this trend catching on in western cultures.
  2. Back in the 60's, I went as a guest to two naked weddings. Shame they never caught on, there's something wonderful about it. Chinese tradition and the tensions between new ways entering the culture as it changes are bound to keep happening. Banning it may have unintended consequences.
  3. Back in the 60s, we did as much as possible in the nude. It took a while for this to reach China, didn't it?
  4. I seem to remember from a tour of Versailles years ago, that some courtiers were witnesses to the consummation of royal marriages. Can't seem to find it on Google™ despite some discussion of the importance of the royal body, etc.
    In Woody Allen's Bananas, Howard Cosell does a play-by-play coverage of Woody's consummation of marriage.
    So, just nude marriages? That's nothing! ;)
  5. With weddings becoming large and complex affairs with so many active participants, nude ceremonies would settle the question of who the best man is.
  6. Think of the bucks they could save not having to pay for expensive dresses, or traditional silk garb and tuxedos etc, freeing up money to pay the photog.
  7. Hi JDM,
    Yes some Royal courtiers were given the honour of being witnesses in the Royal bedroom and
    even the Royal bathroom (a hole in the floor over the moat), and various other 'perques'.
    Probably find it in some history books. Don't know if there was a Royal bum-wiper, ha!
    Best regards,
  8. In Europe at FKK parks or in the USA at nudist parks or resorts, nude weddings are quite common (Note: Using the term nudist camp or nudist colony in a nudist venue will get the same reaction as using the "N" word at an NAACP meeting). The same type of wedding pictures are taken as are taken at most other weddings. Many of the guests as well as the Bride and Groom may also be nude. The Bride usually wears a veil and the Groom a black bow-tie and little to nothing else. The photographer may be the official park photographer (in park pictures of anything or anybody are usually quite restricted) or a traditional outside photographer supervised by a park employee.
    Furthermore, as horrible as this may sound to most of you, the photographer may be dressed in nothing but sandals and a Hasselblad.
  9. Sandals and a Hassie? That's like wearing tweed at a royal levee!
    Would that be a waist-level finder on the camera?
  10. You've probably seen somebody's pictures where a finger is protruding a little in front of the lens?
  11. An amusing idea, but one I would not like to partake in myself.
  12. Nude weddings are OK I suppose, but where does the best man put the wedding ring?
  13. I didn't have such experience to join a nude wedding ceremony, but know that some trendy couple would do the nude bridal shot in China. They do use the lace to cover specific area. I believe it's a private collection.
  14. I don't see nude weddings making any major in-roads into western wedding chapels either.
    I do see this becoming more common though.
  15. Were Adam and Eve married in the buff? If there had been a photographer there, I bet the portraits would have been nudes!

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