Mylio: Anyone trying it as as an alternative to Lightroom?

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  1. If so I'd like to know what you think. It was launched at PhotoExpo back in late October. If you haven't seen it yet the lnk is

    Mylio seems to be a database type catalog and library system similar to Lightroom with the catalog synchronized to a cloud. The cloud-
    synced catalog feature allows you to sync the catalog across computers and tablets/ph ablest and phones. OS X, iOS and Android

    I haven't dived into it but there are basic image image editing functions as well.

    It can work with established Lightroom libraries but you have to explicitly set it up for round tripping LR>Mylio>Lightroom for edits made in
    Mylio to show up in Lightroom.

    For disclosure: I have no connection to the company, resellers, advertising or public relations team but have just set it up on my
    computer and on my iPad. Because I am an editor at a photo magazine I was offered a license key as I may be be reviewing it in the
    near future.
  2. Interesting that there have been no responses in a month, so perhaps the answer is "no?"
    For processing raw images (LR's Develop), I'm sure Mylio is no replacement. However, Mylio's ability to sync between platforms is a great advantage for those who shoot with multiple cameras (phone to D4 and everything in-between) and use lots of devices. It's ability to include Facebook and Flickr in the mix right out of the box is great, too.
    So, while Mylio maybe isn't right for pros and very serious amateurs (nor was it intended to be), I think it's a huge advance over what's out there for the majority of photographers. One thing I've thought aobut is how future generations will have no photos of their childhood to look at, because they're all on Facebook, and when Mommy's or Daddy's account goes away, so do those photos. Mylio seamlessly fixes this.
    So, the Mylio folks deserve praise and encouragement.
    As many reviewers have observed, the price will be an obstacle. I pay $120/year for LR + PS, and Mylio would cost $100. (The free account only holds 1000 images.)
  3. Just saw this post, and thought I would add some additional perspective. I started using Mylio in an early beta form (I do not work for the company). It is in my opinion one of the most interesting as well as powerful photo management systems I have ever tried (and I have tried most). Mylio really excels at providing a level of backup locally as well as remotely and if you so choose, to the cloud. The program also gives you the ability to automatically sync your images across multiple devices including your iPhone or iPad (and soon on an android device).
    I currently use it with Lightroom integration which enables me to do all of my advanced editing on Lightroom, but have my Lightroom images available in sync across all my devices.
    I found the program so intriguing that I decided to write a book about how it can be used and its extensive feature set. The book was released this past week and is titled "The Official Guide to Mylio." It is available at Amazon ( ) and Barnes and Noble ( ).
    There is also a complimentary Mylio keyboard shortcut guide available for down load at
    Jordan Ayan
    Author of: The Official Guide to Mylio
    Twitter @jordanayan
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