My RZ67 Doesn't Release?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by josh_bainbridge, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. Hi, I just got an RZ67 ProI and it came with a ProII back. I asked the seller about this before purchasing and he said that it should be fine. It works fine without any film. My problem is that when I load film and wind it on to the first frame a red light is displayed and I can't release. I have the dark slide out and its fully cocked with the mode on standard shooting and the lens connected. Iv'e tried reloading the film and everything I can think of, but to no avail. The good news is that I can return the camera within 14 days no questions asked but my 14 days are running out. Is the back not compatible or is there something else wrong?

  2. Hmm, I had the opposite problem. ;-) My Pro II came with a Pro II 120 back, and a Pro 220 back. Both seem to work interchangeably, but I do think I read somewhere that they were not backwards compatible. I can't find anything on Google now.

    I did have some issues with the 220 back not making reliable electronic contact (and thus, without ISO data, throwing the metering off), so I bought a Pro II 220 back to replace it. I read that the 220's had better design/light seals, but they look pretty darn similar to me.
    So I still have both backs, and a few 120 Pro film inserts (no back came with them, curiously). I can see what I can sort out with the parts if it'll help. I also have a 645 120 back for sale :)
  3. Is the back not compatible​
    Yes, the back should be compatible. The camera works sans back? And this is your only back? Sounds weird...
    The repair manual for the RZ can be downloaded from here.
    There's a fault-finding section.
    Check the user manual to be sure you're operating everything correctly.
    Backs are forwards & backwards compatible.
  5. I have one back that doesn't like to make electrical contact unless it is twisted CCW as far as it can go, and if it jiggles just a little back the other way I get red lights. Sometimes I even have to wiggle it CW, and then back CCW to get enough contact. Maybe yours is similar.
  6. Jerry,
    That sounds like my problem, but I don't recall it preventing shutter release. It just seems to affect the AE prism's calculations.
    But then, I can't say I have had any overexposed perhaps it did prevent me from taking any erroneous shots.
  7. The Pro II backs work perfectly with the RZ Pro body. In fact, they are preferred, as they are greatly improved in several areas, including light sealing. I only use II style backs at the present time. That said, you might have a defective back, or a dirty contact that isn't talking to the prism correctly. I agree with David that you should DL the repair guide, and look through the trouble chart for info. Also, before being forced to send a possibly perfect RZ67 back to the seller over a cheap defective back, you might try to find someone local (a store, studio, etc.) who will loan you a different back for ten minutes to isolate the culprit.
    There is no doubt that the RZ67 Pro I body, and the Pro II backs are a perfect match though. Here is my old style RZ with an AE prism, and a 120 Pro II back. It rocks....
  8. Try cleaning the gold contacts on the lens.
  9. Hey, thanks guys for the input. It's much appreciated :) It appears the problem was that the contacts on the back just needed a good rub.
    Plus that's a beautiful RZ Jim, was thinking about getting a prism in the future (when I get the cash). I was doing some studio work yesterday and had some time without a subject so decided to take a pic or two of my new toy.
    taken with an amazing nikon d40 (sarcasm) ;)
  10. I have interchanged Pro body with ProII backs with no issues
    They are totally interchangeable. Either your back or camera is faulty.

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