Most appreciated Nikon Lenses ?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by diana, Dec 29, 2003.

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    That's going to raise a few different responses =). Nikkor 105/2.5 AI. Best price/performance ratio.
  2. Hi Diana,

    I certainly agree with Yaron about the 105/2.5 AI/AI-s. (I've got two of 'em. The quintessential Nikkor for portraits.)

    I'll add the 45mm f/2.8 AI-P to the list, and the 85mm f/1.4 AF-D. Both have bokeh to die for, and are wonderful in every other way.

    Best wishes,

  3. Actually, all the lenses that I currently have! My reason is that I've bought and sold so often, I can cherry pick and keep just the goodies. here's a quick rundown and the reasons why.<p>
    1) 20mm f/3.5 AIS - super wide angle that is tiny and sharp.<p>
    2) 24mm f/2.8 AI - nice "standard" wide angle for me. Sharp!<p>
    3) 28mm f/3.5 PC - Expensive, but when you want to do architecture, nothing else will do. Sharp (I'm not going to keep repeating this, because I don't keep soft lenses).<p>
    4) 35mm f/1.4 AIS - Fast, but small.<p>
    5) 50mm f/1.4 AIS - ditto. Some barrel distortion on #4 & 5<p>
    6) 50mm f/1.8 AI - as sharp as they come, and even smaller than #5. No distortion.<p>
    7) 60mm f/2.8 AFD Micro - goes to 1:1.<p>
    8) 105mm f/2.5 AIS - the classic portrait lens<p>
    9) 180mm f/2.8 ED AIS - another classic portrait / medium tele lens.<p>
    10) 70-180mm f/4.5 - 5.6 ED AFD micro - true macro zoom. The only zoom I've ever kept. Out of production?<p>Finally, not a lens, but the PN-11 extension tube with tripod mount. It makes using the 180 and 70-180 macro zoom much easier, by providing good support as well as improving the close focus distance on the 180mm lens.
  4. 12-24 F/4

    17-35MM F/2.8 AFS

    28mm f/3.5 PC Nikkor

    85MM F/2.8 PC Micro Nikkor

    105mm f/1.8 AIS Nikkor

    80-200mm f/2.8D AF Nikkor

    300mm f/2.8 AFS II

    600mm f/4 AFS
  5. Number one would be my 45mm f2.8 Nikkor, it has the best bokeh of any normal that I own (50f2, 50f1.4, 55f3.5). The only hassle is that it focuses in the wrong direction. I used this as an enlarging lens when I was too poor to afford a proper enlarging lens and it worked quite well between f8 and f16. I suspect it would be an excellent macro on a reverse mount. Stops to f32 comes in handy but it does lose a bit of sharpness when closed down that much. I haven't used the GN feature in years but I originally bought it for use with a manual flash and it worked very well.

    Number two is the 85mm f1.8, for casual available light people shots it is the first lens that I reach for. Love the speed, sharpness, bokeh, and narrow depth of field.

    Number three is the new 105mm f2.8 micro AF D. Mine is sharp at all distances and it is an excellent macro.
  6. 55/2.8 AIS, 24/2.8 AIS and AF 85/1.8D.
  7. 24-85 AFS.
  8. 1. The manual focus 200mm f4.0 micro lens--even with its old fashioned tripod mounting collar.
    2. The 500mm f 4.0 P lens--its balance is remarkable and its lens quality is just great.
    3. The PN-11 extension ring (tube) with tripod collar that can convert any Nikon lens to a lens with a tripod mount.
    4. The 24mm AF f 2.8 D lens
    5. The 35-70mm AF f 2.8 D zoom lens--very sharp.

    You can tell that I am a "value" investor. I purchased al of the above used and saved myself a lot of money.

    Joe smith

    Joe Smith
  9. 1) Nikkor 24mm f/2.8 AF - extremely sharp wide angle
    2) Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 AF - extremely sharp normal
    3) Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8 ED-AFD - extremely sharp "small" telephoto

    these are indeed the best !
  10. I can&#146;t find any fault with Robert Lai&#146;s list. I&#146;ll add a 28/2.0 AIS and 85/1.4 AIS. Robert you need a K-1 Ring for your 20/3.5 AIS (if you like wide angle close-ups).

    As usual Ellis Vener confounds me with his preference for the 105/1.8 AIS. Now I wonder if my 105/1.8 was a dog or if the body I tested my 105/1.8 on was out of focus. I used a 6x, DW-2 finder on the F2 I used for tests but...
    Oh, OK. The only problem you are likely to have is with your ability to focus manually to get all the sharpness that this lens can deliver at f/1.8. Many cameras are a little off in their focus calibration, so run tests to see if your images on film are really focussed where you thought you did. I often found cameras were a little bit off, so if you really wanted great sharp results at f/1.8 you had to tweak the offset-headed screw against which the camera mirror rests to bring everything into calibration. --
    Not a Nikkor lens but I love my 50/3.5 Fujinon-EP Enlarging lens. Also for a great general purpose normal for day use, the 55/2.8 AIS Micro is very competitive with the 50/1.8 AI but focuses much closer.


  11. If I lost every Nikkor I had (a couple of dozen!), I would get both a 35mm f/1.4 and a 105mm f/2.5 both AIS, and live with only these for some time. I can go (and have gone) anywhere in the world with only these two lenses and cover most everything that interests me. Eventually I would get the 24mm f/2.8 AIS and this would be it.

    I have every focal length from 20mm to 300mm, and many examples and vintages of same focal lengths, but these three are my most used.
  12. My 50/1.4AI and 85/1.8 NAI get used the most for available light portraits and candids. I'm warming up to a new(old) 35/2AI and 180/2.8 ED AIS, too.
  13. 28/2.0 AIS and 85/2.0 AIS. Perfect two-lens travel kit.
  14. I just got the 28-70 AFS and it replaced my 35 AIS F2, 50 AF F1.8, and 85 AFD F1.8. Best decision I ever made equipment wise. Also made me stop lusting the 28mm F2. I realize the prime shooters are going to flame me big time but I would rather quickly zoom and get the shot properly framed than fumble to change lenses and miss the shot. Flame on prime shooters.
  15. Idle chatter all around. Come on, take pictures ...
  16. What’s more appreciated: Caravaggio or Rafael? Cheese cake or banana cream pie? Catholic or orthodox? Get the idea?
    Ok, I don’t own a lot of Nikkors but all of them are HIGLY valuable for me as every single one fit MY needs. I am sure you can pick a few lenses that will be perfect for what YOU do. There’re very reputable sources, like Thom Hogan’s or Bjorn Rortslette’s sites that can introduce you to the world of Nikon lenses.
  17. "Idle chatter all around. Come on, take pictures ..." --Frank Uhlig

    Not so: a good craftsman does not use a monkey wrench for a hammer. Even using a fine lens for a purpose that it is not well suited to will make good results less likely.
  18. "I realize the prime shooters are going to flame me big time but I would rather quickly zoom and get the shot properly framed than fumble to change lenses and miss the shot." --Hugh T

    If you have the time, use a prime. One does not replace the other. There are so many different reasons for using different lenses that generalizations don&#146;t work. I can&#146;t fault your choice except that I like to have my primes and zoom too.


  19. 75-150mm f 3.5 series E, bought at $80
  20. Right now I appreciate the perspective that my 50mm gives because I'm shooting portraiture. I love my 24mm because it's so sharp and if I'm not sure about an assignment, it'll work in any situation.
  21. Idle chatter all around. Come on, take pictures ... Oh, Frank... it's dark, below 30 degrees and snowing outside ;-P
  22. My personal fav's:


    And the mother of all lenses:

    Early Nikkor 50mm/f2 "tick" lens - have to appreciate a plain old 50mm lens that can bring in $500!

  23. The Nikkor 80-200 2.8 AFD ED, Without question my all time best lens! fast, sharp
    and used for under $500 didnt hurt!
  24. 105/2.5 AI, 50/1.8 AF, and - call me kooky if you will - my 70-210/4-5.6 AF takes some mighty fine photos as well. Thanks to Ken Rockwell on that particular purchase.
  25. Hugh: to each their own. I've had serious problems with humidity and condensation in zooms (e.g., 28-105, 20-35) in the winter (photographing near the sea or lakes). No such problems with my primes. I'd rather take the shot than wait for the light to go away while my lens is still foggy.

    Also, do you really want to carry that big 28-70+hood everywhere where you take pictures? I can't imagine doing that. It's so attention-grabbing. Probably very effective though. I'd love to have one for weddings.
  26. Hey, the 200mm/f4 AF D ED Micro Nikkor has got to be one of the best!!
  27. In 35 mm format, the 28 mm PC is the most useful for me, and in LF, the 120 SW tops the list.

  28. My favorite focal length is 85mm; and I usually end up with the 8.5cm F2 on my Nikon RF.
  29. will have to be the excellent 17-35mm.
  30. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    The subject of this thread should have been "What is your favorite Nikkor lens?" And pretty much as expected, we are getting very diverged answers. To me this is a pretty meaningless exercise, but obviously a lot of people enjoy this discussion.
  31. Frank Uhlig,

    « Idle chatter all around. Come on, take pictures ... »

    what are YOU doing here, chattering instead of taking pictures?
  32. Nothing unusual here: the 50 mm f/1.8 AF on my D1x is a killer lens for portrait,
    plastic and all. I use it only in AF mode, I hate the feel of the plastic so much. I love
    the 28 f/2 AI, the 50 f/2 AI, the 35 f/2 AF-D (better feel than the 50 1.8 AF) and, last
    but not least, the «legendary» 105 f/2.5 AI.

    The ones I'd like to get? 85 f/1.4 AF and, though I'm not much into zooms, the 80-
    200 f/2.8 AF-S-IF... etc...
  33. So what if it's an "idle" topic? Gear is fun too. I enjoy taking pictures, I enjoy doing darkroom work, and I enjoy camera equipment for its own sake. The way I see it, I get more mileage out of my photography hobby than some of you do. :)

    My favourite lenses of the ones I own:

    AF 20-35/2.8D IF - beautiful sharp images, excellent colour rendition, and a great range of focal lengths. Inexpensive (relatively) now that people want wider lenses.

    AF 80-200/2.8 ED - sharp sharp sharp, flexible, and lovely shallow depth of field at the longer end. Wish it weighed less, but...

    AF 28/2.8D - fantastically sharp and tiny. A nice focal length for landscapes.
  34. It's a bit embarrassing to say in a Nikon forum that my favourite lens for Nikon is a Xenar 50mm f/2.8 by Schneider Kreuznach, taken from a Kodak Retina after it jammed its shutter. The Xenar cannot compete with any Nikkor standard lenses in terms of sharpness, but it gives a unique classic touch with Tri-X/D76, that is hard to get from lens with modern coatings. Since I stopped processing myself and switched to T400CN, a part of this classic touch is also lost. Shown in the attached photo is the Xenar mounted on an F2 with a Japanese made adaptor I bumped into in a Leica shop on Stanley Street, Central District, Hong Kong. An ultimate "pancake" lens from the 70's that brings its good old values to today together with some inadequacies, and the combo looks like it can keep on shooting for as long as film is available ...
  35. Hi Diana,

    I love this kind of threads.

    My favourites are :-

    1) 17-35/2.8 AFS

    2) 50/1.4 AIS

    3) 85/1.4 AFD

    4) 80-200/2.8 AFS

    5) 200/4 AF Micro

    6) 600/4 AFS II
  36. I would like to acquire:-

    1) 35/1.4 AIS

    2) 28/3.5 PC

    3) 24/2.8 AIS
  37. Cham,<p>How often do you use that 600mm f/4? What do you use it for? Birds, I suppose?
  38. 24mm f/2.8, 45mm f/2.8, 180mm f/2.8 are all I use anymore for
    my FM3A. I also have a 105mm f/2.5 which now sits in a drawer
    because I can't bear to part with it (and when I want that approx.
    focal length I leave the nikon at home and use a 90mm on a
    leica). The 105 is a fantastic lens but I like to travel light yet with a
    wide range and it always seems to be the straw that breaks the
    camel's back.
  39. Favourite means one, so I guess I'd go for my MF 105/2.8 Micro. An amazing versatile
  40. After each holiday, I select my best 100 shots to rank my lenses... 50% are taken with the 17-35 AFS; 20% with my absolute favorite : the 105 AIS f/1.8 (on an incompatible D100!).
  41. Well why not take the 24-85 f:3.5/4.0 ED IF G etc. lens. In my opinion one of the best when you go for price/quality.

  42. If the 85/1.4AF-D was a woman I'd marry it.

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