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  1. From all the Leica bodies that you have used, which give the nicest camera JPEGs? I know that the M9 does a really good job. But, I wonder: does the M240 produce nice b&w JPEGs? Do the Monochrom bodies produce JPEGs as nice as the colour bodies? How about the Q or SL series?
  2. Sorry, but I'm not a fan of in-camera JPGs. I shoot DNG RAW, process those files, and create TIFs (for printing); from there I make JPGs only for posting on-line or sharing. Those "processed" JPG files are in various ways corrected (dust spots are removed and horizons are straightened, for example). This, of course, also applies to B&W conversions.
  3. Huh? - Sorry, to me Leica M metering / auto exposure results seem so random that I don't dare JPEGs. Fujis or recent(ish) Canons do a better job in that field of lazyness.
    BW seems like the neglected stepchild of image tweaking algorithms, needs more manual intervention to shine. Dunno if Leica improved something since they made my M8 & 1st Monochrom. I only shoot RAW+BW JPEG with color cameras, to stay in the right mood during image selection for a BW project.
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  4. The only Leica digital camera I've used is the M10. I'm satisfied with its JPEGs, as I am with those from my other cameras. I rarely use my RAW files unless the image needs lots of manipulation, which isn't often.

    Cameras of all brands have gotten much better at producing JPEGs. I dislike wasting time trying to make a RAW image look better than the JPEG, especially when printed instead of pixel-peeped. I only shoot RAW exclusively when copying old slides and negatives, because they always need extreme corrections.
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