Monday Singles for 5/4/20

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  1. One single image from any film camera.

    Leica M2 50mm and I don't have the film type recorded. Older image.
  2. 014a Japonesa CS135 f4 1-200.jpg 1951 Soviet Zorki 3. 1948 Canon Serenar 135. Tri-X 400. D-76 (1:1) 8' 30" at 22ยบC
  3. upload_2020-5-4_14-0-8.jpeg
    just west of City Park in West Point, MS. Minolta XE-5, MD 35-70 f 3.5, Ilford HP5+
  4. Brady Pates Pop A Top, Columbus GA April 2019
    Hasselblad 500cm
    180mm Sonnar

  5. EEE64E8B-7A3B-45A4-BB66-178F02385A1A.jpeg
    Pointy. Leica M2 and Ver. 3 50mm Summicron; Tri-X in Rodinal (1:50).
  6. E2B5A248-8503-473C-AFC9-219A713DA98F.jpeg
    Olympus Mju Panorama Fuji Superia 400
  7. Canonet QL 17
    Art in the People's Realm

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