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  1. I ask the same question as MT regarding the Minox GTE\GTX. As yet I am unable to find any information as to the performance of these cameras (apart from the obviously prejudicial write up from the makers). If this is the "fine" camera that some people seem to think it is it would be very satisfying to see the findings of a decent test.....Has anyone out there ever seen a product report?

  2. "The 35mm f2.8 Minoxar MC lens of this little camera is a jewel, it is razor sharp at all apertures, producing images which could not be distinguished from ones taken with my usual SLR outfit. Color rendition is excellent, partially due to the built in skylight filter which also acts as a lens protector. I could detect no distortion in my images at all. If lens quality is one of your buying points, you could probably not do better than this lens on a compact camera."

    Thus wrote Bob Shell, in his article
    "Minox GT-E Pocket Camera" in Shutterbug, Sep 1991. ​
  3. The Minoxar MC lens of Minox GT-E is sharp, but that is only half the story. Minxo GT-E also has a unique precision film plane, unlike most other 35mm cameras. For detail see my January column: Minox GT-E Film Plane Architecture.

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