Minox 35 lens cleaning

Discussion in 'Minox' started by tim_whalen, Jul 1, 1999.

  1. I recently picked up a Minox GT. On reading the manual under "Camera Care", I noticed that it says not to use cleaning solutions (ie: lens fluid)on the lens. Why? I have always used lens tissue and lens fluid on all my 35mm lenses, especially to remove fingerprints, etc.
  2. Tim, I don't use lens fluid to clean my lenses anymore, because lens fluid may
    seep into the interior of lens. <p>
    Instead, now I use LENSPEN to clean all my camera lenses, including Minox 35mm lenses.<p>
    At one end of LENSPEN is a brush to brush off debris or dust on lens, then use
    a soft leather pad with lens cleaning compound one the other end. <p>
    LENSPEN is very effective in removing smudges on lens.

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