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  1. Whatever you do to create a website, please keep in mind that uploading an image to NameMedia Inc dba is giving them a PERPETUAL license to use the photographs.
    You claim to be 18 and competent when you click-to-accept the eleven page agreement giving them the photos. That agreement does not require that you prove that it was read.
    This click-to-agree will be the NameMedia Inc excuse or defense when they receive my amended US Federal Lawsuit.?
    NameMedia did not own when I first joined the site and I was an incompetent or a severely brain injured person when I uploaded the fine art figurenude images they refuse to take down.

    I am asking for ten million dollars in compensatory damages this website domain and greater than thirty million in punitive damages. This click-to-agree policy will shortly be revised.

    While I was incompetent two of my domain expired. I did not know and even existed unil I received an offer from NameMedia dba BuyDomains asking if I was interested in I replied that the domain was mine for several years and had expired while I was recovering from a car wreck. They replied that they were sure they would win a UDRP hearing and asked me to speak to their legal. I was not my own guardian at the time and my guardian wouldn't take legal action. I figured the domain would just remain until I was able to recover it myself. Years later I received a notice of a summer sale on again from BuyDomains. I advised them of my distress and was then approached by Erik Zilinek with almost a challege to a UDRP hearing and a referral back to sales if I decided to just purchase the domain. I told them that I would offer another domain for it but they replied that it was insufficient and that they had other interested parties and that I needed to bid more than 2700. I had become my own guardian but did not have 2700 for the domain.

    You can visit to see the process in EXTREME detail. Look at the Curtis Neeley profile here to see my nudes that they refuse to delete.
    You can visit by clicking above and see my EXTREMELY collectible book of figurenudes that has a guarantee like no other book has ever had. Every photo you see displayed here at that I already asked them to remove was done by a severely brain damaged and paralyzed artist from a wheelchair with one arm. Please send me an email at Curtis at and describe what Google Inc ad you see them running with my photos as they violate my copyrights.
    They do not even check registrations here very well. They might argue that to remove photos is a burden they prevent by their click-to-agree. How quickly this is removed will damage that assertion before the jury. I am very upset!.

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