MFA from Academy of Art University ?

Discussion in 'Education' started by jon_kobeck, Dec 26, 2007.

  1. What do you guys think of AAU's MFA in photography that is now offered online?
    What do you guys think about an MFA in general?
  2. MFA good

    on-line? depends very much on who and what. There's still a lot to be said for brick and mortar institutions.
  3. if you want to be a commercial photographer, don't do it. Its a waist of time and money- you
    can learn 100x more as an assistant and doing your own work- and you get paid. If you want
    to be an artist, a masters is a great idea. I don't think doing it online is a great idea though-
    for any school really. Meeting people and using those connections will be invaluable in the
    photography/art world.
  4. Hi Jon-
    My roommate is an accomplished photographer and he is starting Academy of Art University's online MFA program this spring semester. He did a ton of research. He chose it because it is regionally accredited, he liked the instructors, and he needed flexibilty because he travels around California doing freelance work. I recommend researching a few schools and picking what is best for you.
  5. Hi James, yea it seems to be the oldest art university in the us. They are also the first to offer
    the mfa and bfa online, I too am starting next week.
  6. The great thing about AAU's photography program is that they really focus on building a
    portfolio -- which really is the most important tool you need to get any job in photography.

    Also, the Academy belongs to both the Advertising Photographers of America and American
    Society of Media Photographers which is a HUGE asset to students.
  7. A low-residency program e.g the one at Transart Institute might be an interesting alternative to online as it will combine personal contact with individual study. Wikipedia has an extensive list. Bard and Vermont might also be of interest. Klaus

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