Memory Card Speed for Sports

Discussion in 'Sports' started by keith_sanpei, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. How fast of a memory card are you guys using? Is there a point where the memory card speed doesn't matter anymore (ie camera buffer can't keep up with the speed of the card)? I'm using a 7D.
  2. Cameras do have maximum write speed.
    There is a list of the write speed for the 7D:
  3. Sorry, my phone mangled the URL: 10294
  4. Find out what your camera's specs call for and get that card. Get a faster card if you are thinking of upgrading bodies. Be aware, that some camera's fill their buffers faster (or empty slower) if recording to two different cards. I believe (not positive) that the Canon 5D3 writes faster to the CF card than the SD card. Either way, it does not write simultaneously to both - again a factor. I use a 60 mbs rated CF card in my 5D3 shooting raw only to the CF. I rarely shoot beyond 2-3 seconds and have never run into buffer issues when doing so. But as you can see, we aren't talk about all that many shots; 15-20 in roughly 3 seconds. My 1D3 is spec'd for a slower card, but that is probably due to the time it was released, I don't see any difference between the spec'd card and a faster card when shooting that body. In other words, the faster card (faster than camera is spec'd) does not seem to make any difference in buffer fill time. YMMV
    Also, the faster cards are really only necessary if you are shooting at high frame rates, like with sports or BIF shutter-gun approach. If your idea of fast shooting is 5 frames, don't worry too much. Find the best deal on a name brand, even at moderate speed you'll be okay.

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