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  1. supersize me; what you got from Mickey D?
  2. Mickey D's and...
  3. ...Subway
  4. Frank the Rabbit tries to hide from the camera at McDonald's
    Mickey D's helpers...
  5. at Carl's Junior
  6. How bout Denny's... [​IMG]
  7. I'll have what he's having.
  8. He wanted pie....
  9. So that's what "pie faced" means. I always thought I meant something else.
    Great photo. I keep chuckling looking at it.
  10. Nice work, Barry! Slowly revealing, simple, direct, contrasts and questions, effective use of light which goes well with the content.
    And . . . I love not knowing whether he's sitting in a wheelchair or not.
  11. I'm lovin it. Eat Fresh.
  12. Another thumbs up for Barrys' photograph.
  13. Fred..why would you even wonder if he's in a wheelchair? Wondering why you would even consider that :)
  14. Marie, because of the way the thread started. (It was more commentary than literal.)
  15. I always feel so welcome here..
  16. I have found another one.
  17. Thanks guys...
  18. Worship service. . .
  19. This is what I actually meant to put up.

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