Mamiya Universal Press Sekor 150mm 5.6 lens coverage?

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by art_major, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Hello,
    Does anyone know the coverage of Mamiya Universal Press Sekor 150mm 5.6 lens? the latest version with the 55mm front filter thread. I know these lenses were made for 3x4 but will it cover 4x5? thanks.
  2. Looks like the 150mm won't cover 6 X 12 cm, so 4 X 5 inches is out.
  3. No way, non of the Mamiya press lenses cover more than 6x9cm but that size they do very well.
  4. if it does cover past 6x9cm how does it cover polaroid pack film at 3x4?
  5. AJG


    On my Mamiya Universal, there is a small amount of vignetting on Polaroid pack film with this lens. This is probably caused by the light baffles in the camera body. This same lens was used on the Polaroid version of the Mamiya Universal that didn't have the baffles, and as far as I know, vignetting wasn't a problem with that camera/lens.
  6. I know that the lens barrel on the 150mm blocks off alot of the image circle. I was curious to see if it does cover 4x5. thanks.
  7. Mamiya Press lenses have a circle of coverage of about 120mm. This includes the very wide 50mm lens. Therefore, whatever format you shoot needs a diagonal of 120mm or less. This means that you can shoot panoramas of 6X10.6 but not a true 6X12, and definitely not 4X5. Mamiya lenses made for the Polaroid version of the camera may have a slightly larger circle, but possibly not large enough for a full 4x5. (The 127mm lens was standard for the Polaroid.) I only have the Press lenses, so can't give you a definitive answer. ((Polaroid lenses are marked with a "P" and are said to not be interchangeable with Press cameras.))
    You can find more about the Mamiyas as used for panoramas at my site
  8. An old thread. Just an addenum: The older version of this lens at least covers 4x5" with relative ease. Mine has a Seikosha-S shutter and a 40.5mm filter thread. IC is in excess of 170mm at f/5.6 with good resolution almost all the way. Hard to mount onto a lens board though due to the non-standard cable release trigger base. See also my comment on
  9. If it is good coverage almost all the way then what does it cover with good coverage all the way? Not almost?
  10. Hi, Bob, I'd be happy to use those 170mm at least. Seems to behave like any modern single-coated Tessar type. Very similar, probably just a little bit tighter, to a 150mm Xenar in coverage, behaviour and look: Excellent in the middle, still very good at the edges even wide open. All of this is somewhat conjecture anyway, right? YMMV. I've not been overly scientific about it, apologies, just reporting first impressions and making the comment that it is indeed fine for general 4x5" use, if you like the look, and don't need great movements, or e.g. Sironar-S awesomeness. I like it, but I'm not sure if l'll keep it long term; I like not having too much gear as I seem to move a fair bit and usually just own 6 or 7 LF lenses at any one time (Jim Galli, Chris Perez and others will laugh :) ) but as I mostly do 5x7" with the occasional a 617 Canham back shoot, I may actually pass this one on soon-ish anyway; it was a nice surprise though.
  11. wrong as john said 56 x 106mm tested on artpanorama. circles are different. i remember 50mm: 106mm. must dig out the other lenses circle. 75 and 127 cover 612 obviously. biggest problem is film flatness in artpanorama and version 3 mamiya back tony sansone told. only dont know whats different inside leading to the problem have two 67/220 model 3 vacuum back and converted MRB67/70 to 70/120/220(61.5mm) back. 61.5mm film on donor-side also. btw: I am in search of sharper lenses and sharpest digital lenses for MP.-system. searching for a digitalback for graflok 23 or 45-graflok 23-adapter.

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