Mamiya RB67 Light Leak?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by ben_nauber, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. So, I've noticed what my untrained eye suspects is a light leak. See the included photos. Is this a light leak? Also, how would I go about fixing it?
  2. I am inclined to agree that it is a light leak. I suggest you examine the light seals around the film back and between the film back and the rotating mount. I had a similar problem and it was fixed by having the seals replaced.
  3. Yes its a light leak, you can run a simple test by shooting in sunlight with black tape over the dark slide slot and see it its gone.
  4. In the near term, you can temporarily fix it by putting some black tape around the film back and over the dark slide slot, and slitting the dark slide slot with a razor. It'll be a heck of an inconvenience until you send it in, though.
  5. Two good examples showing possible bellows, light leak.
    First image shows a [narrow band] from a more distant camera position - bellows retracted/compressed.
    Second image shows a [wide band] from a close-up shot - bellows extended, stretched further out.
    Might not be the back at all. Check the bellows for leaks.
    Do some test shots with a black T-shirt wrapped around the bellows.
    Do you have a Polaroid back and some Fuji pack film? This could easily confirm where the leak is coming from.
    My two cents.
  6. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    Take off the lens, fire the body so teh mirror is up, extend the bellows all the way out. Now put a bright light inside, chcek for light coming out in a dark room.
  7. You can buy a seal kit on eBay for about USD 10. It is easy to replace the existing seals, and cheap enough that you can buy two kits in case you mess up with the first.
  8. Not a bellows leak. I've had the exact same one before - it's the darkslide slot seal. Very easy to replace felt seal. You may as well replace the rest of the foam seals, too.
  9. Does anyone know where I can get foam light seal kit? I tried eBay already :(
  10. I got a complete light seal kit for my RB67 (body, revolving adapter, and 2 backs) from Jon Goodman a couple of months ago. Just google "Jon Goodman light seal kit" and you'll get his info. He is extremely nice and helpful. Installing the new light seals took me less than 30 minutes and I haven't seen any problems in my photos.

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