M8 and lenses stolen

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  1. On thusday, 17, they entered my home (Barcelona, Spain) and took away my Leica M8 Nº 3198159, Summilux 35/f 1.4 Nº 3474957, Super Angulon 21/f 4 and Summaron 35/2.8 with goggles for M3. Serial numbers of the last two items to be found. Please watch out! Thanks guys. Happy new year to all! Knut
  2. That's rotten Knut, sorry to hear it.
  3. You must be devastated. Those are serious older lenses, as per M3, and the Summilux is 1987 I think. I hope you get your gear back, or have some kind of insurance.
  4. Very sorry to hear your gear has been stolen. I too hope the police can recover your equipment.
  5. I hope a potential buyer of the stolen goods sees these serial numbers and is able to alert police during a period of purchase consideration. Sorry to hear about this and I hope it won't put too much of a dent in your photography activities in 2013.
  6. Thanks for your kind support, guys! James, you're right. I feel like a somnambulist...On top i have to edit a wedding taken with that gear, and mainly the pics taken with the Lux and the Super Angulon give me a pinch in the heart. The Super Angulon was one of my most beloved lenses I had the joy to own more than twenty years...
  7. I sure hope you are insured? You lost the cost of a new car. I can't even imagine?
    That said. I hope you get the gear back. I lost a back pack to NYC street thieves last fall. In it were my only 2 digital cameras, an older Nikon DSLR, and a Lumix p&s. I'm still as you say, "a somnambulist".
  8. Bastards. I feel your pain.
  9. Nope. No insurance. It is simply too costly. Luckily still got M6, M2 and 50mm left.
  10. Very sorry to hear this. My M4 and 50 Summilux were stolen in 1986 but it is like yesterday. Those serial numbers are
    numbers I will never forget and every ad I check the numbers when possible. In fact, that theft brought me to photo.net
    when I learnt of the stolen gear register. Not sure if that exists now. The theft ended up improving my photography and
    my neck, moving to the smaller and lighter 50 Summicron with a focus tab. I recently scanned some Kodachromes from the '80s taken with that Summilux. Your editing experience now is much more painful and very poetically put. Good luck. You're alive, that's all that counts.
  11. O my, I really have to have some bad Karma accumulated; or I am just too many years around too hot spots for theft: In 2000, a M6 0.85 with Summilux Asph. in the French pavillon of the Expo 2000. In 2006, M2 with Summilux 35 (guys from Northern Africa which even told me before:"You better go, there are people who want to rob you" Once mounted my bike, eight (8!) of these guys surrounded me and that was it. Cellphone apart. Now this one. Negligence of some familiars having a walk through the village without closing the main entrance, while I cradled our baby to have a siesta upstairs. Open doors, free Leicas. Heard the movements in the house, but thought it was family...Here in Spain many people are really f^^^^ up economically, like me, and more so, the (il)legal immigrants.
  12. You are either very unlucky, or travel often in difficult or very crowded places, or a bit negligent about where you place your equipment. I know it is difficult and even counterindicative to leave the Leica safe at home, but some places cry out instead for a Yashica FX3 and a good but inexpensive (Kyocera-) Zeiss 50mm fl.4, or some other low investment camera and lens.
  13. Knut, I'm sorry to hear this. I had a Canon FD outfit stolen in 1986, I still remember that raw feeling after the break-in.
    I use a Zorki-6 and Fed-2 for work in dodgy areas with the J-12, J-8, I-50 & J-11, but that doesn't help you if the bastards break into your house.
    Can you tell us the serial numbers of the Super Angulon and Summaron too, so I can add them to the list whilst searching photo and web sales sites down-under?
  14. rowlett

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    You might also try posting to the photo.net Stolen Equipment Registry at http://www.photo.net/neighbor/registry/ if you haven't done to already. I'm also very sorry to hear this. I hope you get your stuff back.
  15. Arthur, I guess you nailed it three times. Peter, i still have to find the serial numbers. We just moved in and there are still many boxes to be opened to find my notes on that. All of you fellows: Thanks for your empathy! Best, Knut
  16. May the miscreant's fingers rot off his filthy hands, the dirty bastard.
  17. "while I cradled our baby to have a siesta upstairs. Open doors, free Leicas. Heard the movements in the house" Knut S.
    Wow Knut, that's actually pretty scary.
    Hope that many have been taught by your experience.
    But as Richard G. basically conveyed, your family is fine, that's something really big to be thankful for...
  18. Son of the B...s !!! I heard that Spain is quite notorious for such an events. I am deeply with You Knut, and sharing your grief. That is always concerned me, traveling with M3 and lenses., learning to keep it in my pockets, and not on my neck, just asking for to be taking away. I am deeply sorry.
  19. Dreadful! Sorry to hear about this. Will be on the lookout.
  20. Thanks so much for all your thoughts and condolence!
    Here is the pic from which I estimated the serial number of the Summaron;
    bought about two years ago from an Lforum member.
  21. Looks like Nº 1921560 to me. The vendor already already deleted all his pics/memories on this item, as he told me in a personal mail. Of the SA I don't have the SNº, it was in a very old agenda, as owning the lens so long, the book was already lost before...Cheers, Knut
  22. As far as I recall, the SA was from 1964, and I think SNº 201xxxx. with original chrome back cap, hood and plastic cap (for reversed hood). Thanks folks.
  23. I am not a regular here, don't have any Leica rangefinders, just an R4S. Sorry about your loss, makes me think of the
    need to better secure my equipment. I understand they used to shoot horse thieves, maybe the same rule should apply
    here. Good luck getting your gear back.
  24. Thanks for your wishful thinking all: I'm over it now.
    There are more important things in life than camera gear.

    Albeit, cameras are great tools to remember that.
    Best, Knut
  25. Sorry, double post
  26. Found the original bill with serial Nº of the Super Angulon a while back: 1715950.
    Curiously, I bought it on january, 17 of 1994. Exactly 19 years before the theft. Maybe some Karma stuff is going on...

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