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  1. I received an post-war IIIc from a friend who was clearing out her deceased father’s items. The chrome has peeled considerably and the mechanics are not working (it will not cock). There’s no use spending more on a CLA than the old boy is worth, yet I don’t want it to go unused.

    This got me thinking about attempting a CLA on the IIIc. I have documentation and spanners on the way to assist me with this. I’ve successfully worked on some 70s era Canons and feel comfortable doing the work.

    My question is this: what lubricants will I need for this CLA?

    I note that Gus Lazzari mentioned using mentioned using Mobil1 5-30w oil for some parts, but perhaps there are other lubricants he would suggest for different parts of the camera. Others have suggested watch repair oils, but were not specific about which type.

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    Some early Leica models used over 15 different lubricants per camera. If you can get your hands on Tomosy's repair book, at your local library or otherwise, he suggests the appropriate lubricants for six functional parts of cameras.
  3. The proper lubricants are one issue, how you properly clean out the old lubricants is a whole other problem. If your IIIc has a good rangefinder mirror, it may have more value as a parts camera.
  4. Thank you, sir! With your help I was able to track down the lubricants mentioned in one of his books.
  5. The old lubricants can be removed with naptha or toluene during disassembly. I have a precut mirror that can be attached easily.

    Do you have lubricants to recommend?
  6. Look up posts from Gus Lazzari regarding Leica lubricants.

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