Looking for old Linhof magnet release as available 50 years ago

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  1. Battery Grip wit Magnet.png Linhof Magnet.png Dear Sirs
    I am looking for a Linhof Magnet as available many years ago. It was operated by a release part with batteries which was placed inside a Linhof form grip and this magnet released the shutter of a lens instead of an usual cable release. Several lenses could be bought with such a magnet, I am enclosing a picture of a lens with the magnet on it.
    If you have such a magnet please let me know.
    I can also if necessary buy the whole system with the battery grip and linking cable and not only the magnets or even include the lens if the price is not too high.
    Thank you in advance.
    Best regards
    Edmond Waltuch, Basel, Switzerland
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