Looking for a gray/black portable backdrop?

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by dan_landis, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. Hi,
    I am looking for some suggestions for portable backdrops for single portraits(usually half-lengths)
    I am looking for a collapsible backdrop similar to this:
    Has anyone used this backdrop or can recommend something else. I played around witht he Impact backdrop at BH and it was a little wrinkly on the white side.
    I was shooting some headshots with some gray seamless the other day and liked the results. I guess I could just underlight the white background to make it more gray but not sure if it will look the same.
    I don't have a lot of room in my trunk to carry a seamless or large background and do not have an assistant to carry my lights so I'm trying to keep it light.
    Please let me know what you use?
  2. AJG


    I have always used seamless paper for this since I've never seen any cloth alternatives that would give the same lack of texture. I have a couple of folding carts (one of them is a PorterCase that also holds two large X 3200 White Lightning monolights as well as working as a cart) that allow me to get lights, backgrounds, stands, etc. on wheels to get to the job and still have all of the equipment I need.
  3. Dan, My basic setup can be found in this thread (near the bottom) For low key shots like this one I simply throw a black sheet that I purchased for only a few dollars over the support. It's portable but not as good as your suggestion for a collapsible one. Certainly cheaper though I'd say. Hope this helps. Best, LM.
  4. It would be easy to overlight a wrinkly white background to turn it featureless white, but underlighting it will show every mark and crease. Without resorting to afterwork or extremely shallow depth-of-field, the only way I can think of is to start with a fairly pristine background in the first place.
  5. One of my favorites for small portraits is an old home movie screen with the screen removed and replaced with black velvet (or material of your choice). I get a 3/4 length portrait from mine.

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