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  1. I have small difficulties with photoshop

    image created in CS5, then edited in CS6 and opened and saved several times, everything worked and opened
    on my home computer is configured to automatically save files, I edited the file and did not save it manually, the changes were not needed
    now when the image opens only teh top two layers are visible, while the file size has not changed

    tell me what to do?
  2. Did you try going into the layers panel and making sure all the other layers are turned on? Something might simply have caused the layers you’re no longer seeing to have become hidden.
  3. If you don't have a specific need to retain layers in the image, why not flatten the image before saving? I always use the manual save process (SAVE or SAVE AS). Trusting any automatic process on a computer is risky, especially if it's Windows 10....
  4. William, one reason for not flattening is that it's often helpful to go back to a photo at a later date and finesse a layer or get rid of one. I've been very thankful on many occasions when I go back to a photo I worked on previously and want to do a little more work on it without starting from scratch and can do it much easier if I've saved various layers that I can now work with. Indeed, they are much bigger files but I have plenty of storage space and backups, so I'm not concerned with that and appreciate having the flexibility of keeping them in as workable a state as possible for future changes.
  5. Absolutely right, Fred. I was just suggesting that layers that might have a negative effect on the automatic save process.
  6. I'm with you on auto-save. Though I have it turned on, and it can be useful in a crash, I'm in the habit of manually saving my work every five minutes or so as I'm working on something. With important photos, I may actually save several iterations of a photo along the way, so I can go back to various points if I decide I need to in order to get a better result.
  7. Belatedly, that the size didn't change suggests something's there. Above all, make a copy before you mess with anything. If fiddling with layer visibility can't make things come back, have you tried asking Adobe? I'm sure they must have the ability to pull data out of a mildly corrupted file.

    Good luck.
  8. Hi, Tilisha )

    Use Fireworks to save it as a .psd Photoshop file. (Important: Do Not save it as a Fireworks file or another extension, because Photoshop may not recognize the layers, or you could lose data.)
    Remember that many effects will not show in Fireworks, but should show up in the Photoshop layers

    but it should work, a little trick! )))

    if this does not help, then you can use a probe of something similar, on the Internet there are many similar pieces

  9. digitaldog

    digitaldog Andrew Rodney

    Shouldn't whatsoever. If it does, it's a bug.
  10. Tilisha, you found how to repair photoshop file?

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