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  1. I picked up this Linhof tripod off my local classifieds for twenty bucks. I absolutely love it. I wonder if any Linhof buffs can provide any background on this thing? (i.e. age, model, etc.) The ball head looks similar to the current Profi-II. As you can see in the pictures, the legs have u-shaped construction with a single leg extension. I think it is aluminum - pretty light actually. The center column can be raised.
    Also, it could use a light overhaul. Any tips on cleaning the ball head and legs?
    Thanks for any comments.
  2. The quick release clamp and plate aren't Linhof -I'm pretty sure they are Stroboframe. If you can find serial or model numbers on the head and legs you should be able to discover more info about them. My guess is that the head is newer than the legs.
  3. I have a similar one with a pan head. Very nice lightweight tripod. You may have noticed the legs can be extended out by prying the braces apart--very easy. Good find.
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    I have two Linhof tripods with this design, although mine have more leg segments. One I bought used and one I bought new, both about fifteen years ago. The line had been discontinued by that time, I think. I never saw another new one after that. I've preferred them to every other tripod I've used.
    The legs are easy to clean, that's one of the nice things about the u-tube design. I just hose them down and then use a cloth to wipe out remaining dirt.
    I had a Linhof ballhead, I didn't care for it much. It sagged with verticals. They can still be bought new.
  5. Good eye, Ellis - the plate is Stroboframe 300-QRC. It is actually pretty nice - solid and low profile.
    I haven't found any model info on legs. I am wondering about the threaded socket thing on one of the leg sections.
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    I am wondering about the threaded socket thing on one of the leg sections.​

    Are you talking about the thing near the foot in the first photo? If so, it's to mount a tripod head for low angle shots. Because it's on the leg that moves, you can shift it up and down by moving the leg.
  7. No matter who made the release clamp and plate, you got a hell of a deal for $20.
  8. Thanks Jeff - that is a clever idea for low angle shots! Works great. What do you mean "the leg that moves"? I didn't notice one leg having different movement from the others. I can unhook the center post attachments to splay any of the legs wider. But I am curious if there is another movement I didn't notice yet.
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    I was referring to the one that slides up, to make sure we were referring to the same thing.
  10. That's an interesting feature I've seen on only one other tripod - the Slik U212 Deluxe, an oddball tripod I've had a love/hate relationship with for many years. One leg includes a 1/4" mounting bolt for a tripod head. Very handy for low angle photography. The other two legs have shoes where additional mounting bolts or long lens supports can be attached, but I've never seen the Slik accessories for those.
    Unfortunately the Slik supplied pan head is quite a piece of plastic crap, suitable only for lightweight cameras and camcorders, so I've substituted my own Velbon magnesium ball head. The Velbon ball head is a bit too large for the legset, but handy for whacking errant gnomes and hookah smoking caterpillars on magic mushrooms.

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