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  1. Hello,
    I just purchased a second hand canon 5d. The problem i seem to be facing is that in some of the photographs, flare like lines seem to be running thru the center of the photograph. i have attached the photograph along.
    Is it because of a problem with the lens or the camera sensor.
    The lines are not constant. They appear sumtimes and vanish other times even while shooting almost the same frame.
  2. I don't think I see this "line" that you're talking about. I see significant flare from the sun in the frame, the reflection of the sun off the water, and reflections within the lens (or perhaps off the filter, if you've got one). And t least one significant dust spot on the sensor. But nothing I'd call a "line". Can you be more specific about what you're asking about?
  3. oh i meant the flair lines only..... but the problem is.... when am on a continues shutter... 4 fps... same frame.... one pic has it one does nt...
    then rite now just to check i did the following
    clicked a tubelight with my canon 5d and the 28-80mm lens .... the flare came
    clicked the same frame with 50mm... lens flare dint cum
    clicked the same frame with the 28-80mm on a canon 400d... the flare dint cum
    also the flare is in one of the pics which is side lit from the sun
  4. I would try a different lens. Hopefully its the lens, that would be the cheapest fix. I would look at getting a better lens anyways. That lens is only holding a 5D back. The 5D is a very powerful full frame camera that can get incredible results out of great glass. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and with the 28-80mm being the weak link (whether its the culprit or not) the 5D isn't able to really show what it can do. I've never seen anything like that, and it seems to be only in the middle of the picture and fades away on the top and bottom. If its not the lens, I would have someone clean the sensor, although I'm not so sure that would do it either, but its the cheapest place to start and it never hurts to have a periodical cleaning anyways.
  5. I see the lines in that one for sure. That's not a lens problem, it's a sensor problem. I'd return the 5D if you can, or send it to Canon.
  6. The lens flare in top two shots are the rays coming from the direction of the sun, not the horizontal lines.
    Looks to me like an electronic problem, particularly due to the intermittent nature. Something between the sensor and the card. Are you shooting RAW or JPEGs? If you're not shooting RAW, switch to that, and see if the problem persists. Also, try switching to a different CF card. Maybe there is a problem with that.
    You might also ask in the Canon EOS forum. Perhaps someone there has seen this before.
  7. the best way to check it. open the aperture fully, take a picture of a illuminated white wall and dofcus the wall( dont focus it.). take a set of pictures at different shutter speeds (Manual mode). IF needed use a tripod. If you get streaks at any shutter speed then you can think it is a problem with the sensor. if you are brave enough, take pictures without lens but in a dim lighted room.
  8. The problem is i am getting the streaks in same frames....sumtimes they cum... sumtimes they the ditto same frame with same settings
  9. The best thing is to try what i have suggested so that you are sure it is not the problem with the sensor. No framing.
    Then you try changing framing rate then if you get the problem you can think it is due to the inside sensor read out problem.
  10. one question...why in heck would you shoot 4 fps for landscapes? They aren't exactly moving anywhere.
  11. well!!!! i wud use the 4 fps when i detect a problem in my camera!!!! just to c if the lines r coz of the light.... then a fast shutter will capture the same frame!!!! hope u got tht...4fps was used to check wats wrong!!
  12. ok. Those horizontal lines definitely indicate a problem. :)

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