Line on my new camera's LCD!

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by j._morrison, May 8, 2006.

  1. I just received my first digital camera and I charged the battery as directed and turned it on- the first thing I have noticed is a a straight vertical line running from top to bottom on the LCD screen. This is a Konica-Minolta X60 Dimage. What can I do to correct this or should the camera be immediately returned? Thanks in advance. I usually shoot 120 and 4x5 (analog) and digital imaging is new to me. - JM
  2. Send it back for a replacement or refund. You should not see a line on the LCD, whether it is due to the LCD only or the sensor.
  3. > Were you pointing the camera at a very bright light source, like a lamp with an exposed bulb or the sun? LCD's can over-saturate producing a bright verticle line. The line will not show up on the images. This should be described in the manual.
  4. A line created by a defective LCD or sensor will be sharply defined, often only one pixel wide, usually dark and is independent of the subject. A line created by a bright light which overloads the sensor (called "blooming") will be white, many pixels wide and will go away when the camera is pointed away from the light. Flare, caused by a bright light striking the lens, even outside the field of view, will be wide, fairly diffuse and also go away when the light no longer strikes the lens.
  5. Thanks guys. The line is present when viewing the screen menu, focusing, and taking the shot. When I review the pictures, there is no line! What do you make of this? The seller is sending an RMA label, thankfully. When focusing the shot, the brightness level of the screen sort of goes up and down from bright to too low but the picture that's saved seems to be properly exposed. Thanks for you ideas, again.
  6. > This should also be described in your camera's manual. The LCD screen will show you, based on the camera's settings an approximation of what you'll see in the final image, less flash (which it can't simulate, of course). If you're in low light, and you choose settings that will underexpose your image, the LCD will show you a scene with some underexposure. That being said, LCD screens are for preview, not for proper exposure determinations.
  7. > When you review the photos on the camera or on your computer? And again, have you been pointing the camera at bright light sources when you see the line?
  8. Ok, I attached the camera to my computer. The line DOES appear in the pictures although it seems to change hues depending on the pictures. This confirms to me that there is something wrong with the camera. Aside from the vertical line, the camera is great and the images shot at the biggest size look great on my display! This is not my first LCD that has had problem. My Apple Cinema Screen was a mess upon arrival and had to be sent back TWICE to Apple. It's been fine ever since but has more bad pixels than I would prefer. Since the line does appear in the images when opened on my computerヨ what does that tell you about the problem? Thanks again, J.

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