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  1. How can I stop the constant warning that CC storage is full. New to LR after resisting for 10 years. What is CC storage, is it done automatically and can I set it up to only save selected images. How do I empty it? Thanks
  2. Which version of LR - LR Classic CC or LR CC? The latter is (as I understand it) fully cloud based (and, to make the confusion perfect, was given the LR CC moniker that previously was applied to what is now called LR Classic CC). LR Classic CC is the desktop version; uploading to the cloud should be optional and there's a setting somewhere to prevent it. Not sure how much CC (aka cloud storage) comes with LR Classic CC: here is some instructions to find out: Creative Cloud file storage and quota. Or are you using LR 6, the perpetual-license standalone version? Some more info on the subject: Answering Your Questions on Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC and More

    I have LR6 - not used after I got LR CC (now LR Classic CC) as part of my Creative Cloud photoshop subscription. I don't use LR and most certainly will not resort to storing anything in the cloud.
  3. If you're using LR Classic CC, try pausing the LR CC sync. Very upper left hand corner is a drop down arrow to access that. (Hover cursor by your name in upper left.)
  4. LR CC classic. I will try that alan. As for storing on the cloud, I attended Scott Kelby's filming of his class on managing photos in lightroom. He calls it SLIM I believe. He recommended keeping all photos on an external HD and backing up to a second that is stored off site. I do that. But at that class a year ago, I scoffed at his strong recommendation to have a third backup on the cloud in case of some disaster. Then Hurricane Irma came along with hurricane force winds and potential flooding and I saw the wisdom of his recommendation as I carried the main external HD to the shelter.
  5. That's your first problem (Scott). Gotta be selling something with a smaller does of info that may or may not be worth the words spoken (guy doesn't have a clue about color management).

    Yes, multiple back ups are key. More than one on a cloud? Seems excessive and slow. I keep a copy of all my images, raws, LR catalog etc on CrashPlan (cloud). One clone (copy) in a fireproof media safe in the office. Two other's that rotate among the group in this one location. The cloud version is there in the 2nd worst case scenario, every drive in the office is destroyed. Nothing well help in the worst case scenario; nuclear devastation in which case, my images are worthless to me anyway. :(
  6. Dog, no just one cloud backup. The CC version isn't large enough for my images and wonder if I can turn it off and how. Not sure what you mean about is it is Scott and he does not understanding color management. I use a color checker passport when appropriate, not sure if I have seen it used in his classes. In the case of nuclear devastation, I don't think we would be around to worry about our photos.
  7. Yes, you can turn it off. Preferences > Lightroom Sync.
  8. His advise, which is incorrect, is: Don't soft proof. Bad recommendation from a fellow who apparently doesn't understand soft proofing or doesn't have anything to sell with respect to color management. ;)
  9. thanks on how to turn off light room sync. What would you do with soft proofing to make it accurate to the print? Would love to save on test prints. Seems he, Dan from Epson and RC don't think much of soft proofing.
  10. Why are my prints too dark?
    A video update to a written piece on subject from 2013

    In this 24 minute video, I'll cover:

    Are your prints really too dark?
    Display calibration and WYSIWYG
    Proper print viewing conditions
    Trouble shooting to get a match
    Avoiding kludges that don't solve the problem

    High resolution:
    Low resolution:

    Who is 'Dan from Epson"? RC only knows that Scott tells him to state about soft proofing. Oh, and after the last video which applies to LR as well:

    Soft proofing in Adobe Photoshop CC

    In this 33 minute video, I'll cover soft proofing in Adobe Photoshop CC:

    What is sof proofing.

    Setting up a soft proof.

    Saving soft proof presets.

    What the simluate ink and paper check boxes do, why to use them.

    Making output specific edits in layer sets.

    Working with soft proofing in full screen mode.

    The Out of Gamut Overlay and why to ignore it.

    High resolution:

    Low resolution (YouTube):
  11. Dog, thanks for all the above.
    Just viewed them and Will try it tomorrow.
    Dan "Dano" Steinhardt is a rep for Epson and has appeared in a couple of Kelby's classes and I have seen him in the videos for Epson papers.
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  12. Will you be teaching next month in Nashville? I am a sceptical guy by nature and when a guy selling paper tells me to make test prints, I always wonder if there is another reason. If he is in favor of soft proofing that negates paper sales, then I definitely will listen. I went through your video and tomorrow will run one print using the method previously, numbers in the LR adjustment and fine tune with test prints, then try your approach. I would love to cut down on the number of test prints.
  13. If he is in favor of soft proofing that negates paper sales

    Unlike Kelby, Dano's role isn't selling you anything but ensuring his customers are pleased with their printers. And sales of paper may or may not be that of Epson's.
  14. In the Kelby classes and an Epson promotion, Dano is discussing papers and indicates he was involved in the development of exhibition fiber. He sure seemed to be selling paper and only Epson. I found him to be incredibly knowledgeable on more than just printing. He made a great statement on sharpness. Use a tripod. Has me using a rolling light stand in studio.
  15. What's the development of paper have to do with soft proofing or the wrong Kelby understanding that soft proofing isn't useful? On the other hand, hearing Kelby dismiss Soft proofing is something you can find on-line. Again, not someone you want to listen to about color management.
  16. Since you asked, what's soft proofing and color management have to do with CC storage, my original post? Sounds like you have an issue with Scott since you injected color management into the discussion when it was not there. Not to mention the snarky comment he doesn't bother because doesn't have any thing to sell. Like you selling color management training? I find Kelby's training classes to be right up there with a nifty 50 lens as one of the best buys in photography. $150 for a year subscription will do more for most people's photography than any of the latest and greatest widgets that people chase thinking they will transform their work. Yeah, we need more hamburgers running around taking 46 mp detailed crap. As for the implication the he is always hocking something, in the dozen years subscribing with him, I have not bought a single thing from them directly. Now gear I have seen him use but purchased elsewhere, I wouldn't trade my rolling light stands, rolling ladder/hand truck period. I have adapted his approach of keeping laptop and camera on ball head on same tripod to camera on ball head on a rolling stand and lap top on a rolling cart. It gives me a chance to have eye contact with my subject rather then them trying to relate to a black box with a big glass eye. In his defense on the not going to the extent to use soft proofing which your video indicate it still not being dead on, you have to remember his audience isn't only folks who are willing to go to great lengths to improve their photography. They want a quick fix. It is a diverse audience from folks just learning to turn on their cameras to people who have been shooting for 60 years and who strive to eke out the absolute best image or print.
  17. Since you asked, what's soft proofing and color management have to do with CC storage, my original post?
    You got an answer to your issue, and how to work with LR's preferences.
    Then YOU asked ME:
    What would you do with soft proofing to make it accurate to the print? Would love to save on test prints.
    You got answers to that question too.
    As for Kelby, we've worked together multiple times, I've got some experience; I was an instructor at PSW multiple times, wrote for the magazine, multiple times. We don't agree about soft proofing and a lot about a subject he's not too well versed on; color management. He's probably got something to sell you. I'm giving it away here; you've got two free video's you can learn from or not.
    Another interesting data point about Kelby, not from my lips:
    Scott Kelby Responds, Dazzling With His Marketing Magic
    Interesting read.
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