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  1. Hi,
    I need some studio lighting for a small project. It is for video so needs to be continuous. It is basically an overhead view of someone working (just their hands and the thing they are working on). The lights would need to be on for extended periods of time (up to an hour or so). I was thinking of something like this
    Can anyone give any advice please? I am usually a photography man so this is a bit new to me. The camera is a Sony HDV HDR-FX1E.
  2. That's basically what I use, except my rig is mostly home made. I bought the biggest CFLs I could buy (7 or 8 years ago) and made a lamp holder out of off-the-shelf hardware that holds 4 bulbs. The softbox and stand are standard photographic equipment that I use for strobes. I usually run all 4 bulbs, but I just unscrew one or two if I need to dial it down...

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