Lester: What battery does the Olympus EC-2 take?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by daniel_iggers, May 16, 2005.

  1. Lester G.(who not long ago posted some fine photos taken with an
    Olympus 35 EC-2): What battery / batteries does the EC-2 take?
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    You should find the replacement for those mercury batteries here.
  4. Daniel,

    I got several from a European Photonetter who sent me Varta V640 PX Mercury 1.35 V mercury batteries. By coincidence he offered these batteries for $10 plus shipping cost in a classic camera thread he opened just as I bought my Oly 35EC with no batteries.

    I gave a very complete list of batteries that work with the Olympus 35EC to Glenn Thorenson in a fairly recent thread he wrote on the same subject. I scanned the old threads and haven't found it, but I'll give you what's written on the camera base, but those are the original mercury ones

    If you already have the camera, take off the long oval battery cap and hold camera at an angle to the light and you'll see embossed legend with battery numbers. It's not too easy to read, as the letters and base are ivory colored. I'll get mine and read it to you.

    HM-N or RM-640

    It takes 2 batteries and they are inserted in opposite directions. The one nearest the rewind crank is neg (-)facing up toward you. The negative terminal is the end that has the bump. The positive is flat; just the opposite AA, AAA, C & D batteries.

    There is also a website with modern battery equivalents. I gave that to Glenn. Have to do a search.

    I love the 35EC. For a reliable camera that small enough to pocket with a terrific 2.8 Zuiko that rocks.

    Good luck Daniel! BTW that's also our younger son's name.
  5. Thanks, all. I've ordered some. Now lets hope the old thing works. :>
  6. I used 1.4 volt number 675 zinc-air hearing aid batteries. They are smaller in diameter and height than the originals. I put a rubber O-ring around them for perfect diameter fit, and manipulated the contact springs to take care of the height issue. These hearing aid batteries have the same characteristics as the old mercury cells. They just don't last as long, 3 or 4 months, once activated. They are CHEAP and easy to obtain in a little pack of 6 (?) for 3 or 4 bucks at Radio Shack or any major drug store. Beats the hell out of those well known "replacements" at about 8 bucks each. They are also zinc-air cells and that gets too rich for my old dried up blood.
  7. I am the one who sold the batteries to Lester. 6 of them. Those are lucky batteries. They were manifactured in Germany probably in late 80's. Then somehow ended up in Canada where the owner thought it was worth putting them up on ebay instead of just dumping them. I bought them as I had just gotten a Yashica Tl-Electro which uses (2) PX640's. I took the batteries with me to Turkey, they got to see Istanbul and Aegean shore as well as a Greek island (Kios) I took great slides with that camera. Then I gave the camera to my girlfriend who was not happy about the idea of using mercury batteries so I got her the battery adapter, zinc batteries and listed the original mercury batteries here on this forum. Now Les is taking great pictures with the help of the batteries and they even got mentioned on this forum 3 or 4 times as far as I can remember. They are quite famous for being batteries.
    They have a lot of life left in them as they are only used for the lightmeter. I wonder what other parts of the world they will see in the rest of their lives!
  8. How do I know if my Olympus 35EC is working? is that orange window on the deck on the left hand side supposed to light up? I bought, as someone suggested using a hearing aide battery 675.
    I hear a tripping sound when I advance (w/o film loaded.) and depress shutter, but if I open the back and point the lens towards a light source the diaphram doesn't open...

    Can someone help? thanks. (I just signed up.)
  9. These 675 zinc hearing aid batteries are only 1.38V according to my multimeter... maybe that's why the batt test isn't worknig?
    I found these and ordered websites says it replaces the PX640 and are 1.5V.
    Let's hope after all this.....
    (3 x Lr52 exell alkaline battery 1.5v, 335 mah (A640PX) =)
  10. I've a 35EC2 and what I do for battery is this: stuff good amount of aluminium foil into the negative part of the battery chamber and place 2 LR44 batteries in series with aluminium foil in the positive part. Haven't measure the voltage/current but it seems to work - results look fine to me with the B&W and C-41 films I shot on this camera.
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  11. Ditto Glenn. Like Raghu I add a top of folded foil to keep the contact. I use these in my Gossen Luna Pro.
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  12. I found PX640 battery equivalents and the batter test light lights up.... see how this roll of HP5 turns out.
  13. Is it still working fine the EC2 like this? :)

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