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Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by ivan_zugaj, Aug 13, 2013.

  1. Hello friends,
    A few months ago I obtained FUJI GX 680 camera with five lenses (65 mm - 250 mm) and some other equipment for it. As I am going bacward - from digital to analog, I am still practicing with a new gear. My question is, maybe anybody knows, if there exist any possibility of using some kind of teleconverter lens which could be applied on 180 mm f3.2, or 250 mm f5,6 lens ?!. I saw there are some for Pentax 6x7 format, maybe some Wivitar but don´t know about adaptor possibility?

    Many thanks for help!
  2. Congratulations on the camera kit. This is a camera I'd personally love to have. It potentially gives large format controls to medium format.
    I just have to say as a point of order, no one except digital people would call film, "analog". And they certainly wouldn't be likely to call your direction "backward" either ;)
    I'm unclear on why you need or want a teleconverter for, say, 180mm, when you have a 250mm lens? Are there many people using a GX680 for rapid-pace, far-off shooting like wildlife or sport?
  3. Thanks on response and Your opinion on digital vs film (or "analog")! Why I need teleconverter - only to get high focal lenght (regardless of shooting speed) and more freedom in composing details in, let´s say, distant subjects. It´s often required in some situations!
  4. I goggled this and found none........good luck searching.
  5. Don't forget that you are dealing with a very large image, even by MF standards.
    If the lenses are good, you should be able to crop from the negative without a lot of loss of quality, especially if you shoot something really fine grain like Ektar 100 with your 250mm.
    Even the very best teleconverters usually degrade the image a little anyhow.
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  7. To answer Russ - I goggled first too; I foud only something for Pentax 67, as I said. And for JDM - I am aware of cropping possibility, it is easy, good and practical sollution, . . . but I have to put this question on forum - many people knows much more than one individual, particulary me as a new one in the field of Fuji middle format. I suppose there are experts in this matter which perhaps might know something about. Thanks anyway!
  8. You could always pick up a 300 - not quite the same as a 2x converter, but with 680 prices dropping you could grab one really cheap.....

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