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  1. It is a cmpact all manual camera, with good lens
  2. I have an early CL and have had good results after Sherry Krauter rebuilt it. I don't think it is as sturdy as one of the M bodies. Check and make sure the meter works. Rangefinder accuracy is iffy with focal lengths beyond 90. I've used it with a 50's 35 Summaron in M mount as a very compact and light travel camera. The 40 Minolta/Leitz f2 40 has a great reputation.
  3. Nice camera, but agree with the above. R/f easily knocked out of alignment too. 40mm Rokkor/Summicron is lovely. Gateway drug to a "real" M-system. Just wasn't sure the purpose of the post.
  4. Maybe the OP just discovered this camera exists?

    I had a CLE for a minute, took a couple shots with it and right away thought, Why am I not just shooting with my M7?

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