Leica Meter M not working

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  1. I have a Leica Meter M I received with an M3 recently. It does not appear to be working. the needle doesn't budge off zero, even with the door that goes over the cell open. The needle bounces a little if I shake the camera, but does not appear to respond to light at all. Is there an on-off switch or anything else I need to do to turn the meter on? Or is it more likely dead after 50-plus years?
  2. Craig--- Not worth rebuilding a early M meter. If you must have a coupled meter for your M3, get an MR-4 Meter.
    Quality Light Metric in Hollywood does a beautiful job rebuilding meters.
  3. I havent talked to this gentleman in awhile, but the guy in Hollywood used to do them for about $60.

  4. ISeriously sorry
    t's a dead parrot; its gone to meet its maker. It's an icon. When they were in fashion, photographers looked after them. I have, in recent times however, seen many M & MC meters on M3s in camera shop windows facing the rising sun along with Summicrons with lens caps off.
    If you want one that works, they are out there. I have two I bought cheap in a box of various M meters, each of which is spot on accurate and has probably been well kept dry in the dark, but they are mine I tell you.
    MR meters have better lasting qualities, but not insurmountable battery issues. That's the way I would go.

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