Leica iiif: light leak or shutter curtain problem?

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  1. Hi all,

    I've just developed and scanned my first test roll shot with a Leica iiif that I recently bought at an auction (1940 Elmar f3.5 lens and 1954 camera body). Almost all of the photos had this mark on the right hand side. I'm wondering if anyone knows whether this is a light leak or a shutter curtain problem. Or something else? Is this a problem with the mechanics of the camera of did I perhaps load the film incorrectly?

    Everything else about the camera seems in good working order apart from this.

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  2. I think that might be shutter bounce. Were the problem frames all shot with higher speeds?
    Adjustment of the shutter brake should help.
  3. SCL


    Outside of the exposure being off, which could be a result of incorrect metering, or the shutter speeds themselves being off, the issue you cited could well be indicating the need for servicing. You could easily check for a light leak (improbable) by taping over the end, but the evenness in the photo suggests it is something other than a light leak. I usually plan a CLA into the cost of most older Leica bodies, and suggest you get yours to a qualified technician for a tune-up...don't just leave it with the nearest general camera repair guy...get it to a Leica specialist. This is a pretty good comprehensive list compiled by Leica users around the world: REPAIR SPECIALISTS - Leica Collectors & Historica - Leica Forum
  4. Thanks for the quick replies! The frames were all shot at 1/50 to 1/200. I'll look up a qualified repair place and book it in for a CLA as soon as I can.
  5. If it were "shutter bounce", the re-exposure would cause a bright line.

    Being a dark line means that the slit-width has collapsed at the end of its travel.
    This typically indicates either a poorly adjusted shutter and/or lubrication failure...
  6. Definitely a curtain travel problem. The jagged edge is the fibers (warp or woof) of the shutter curtain cloth.
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