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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by luigi v, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. I like the Leica forum on photo.net...I have fun, I buy the gear I like, I sell it, I trade it, I buy it again, I look with amusement at how people get into arguments, I learn... But many times I just wonder how does the person whose name appears on my computer screen as a line I may click on really looks like besides the image of it that somehow I have made up in my imagination... what Vinay looks like, and Bill, and Paul, and Trevor and Vivek... Well, this is me...
  2. Luigi, Here is how I looked like, a long time ago...
  3. The only pic I have readily available... taken on a recent ride to Death Valley on my Harley.
  4. Would have been long ride on that water tank:)
  5. I know who this creep is and if I ever catch him, he's toast.
  6. I mean THIS creep! Below!
  7. OMG! It's late here. 12 hours into the day job. I'm going home.
  8. Didn't we just do this?<br><br><img src="http://farm1.static.flickr.com/128/382953978_21eea48f6c_o.jpg">
  9. We did just do this. Where's Ray?
  10. OK, I own up - this is me.
  11. I mostly buy and sell gear here as well.
  12. Don't have a scanner - - - but, if you run across an 83+ old fart, white hair, 5'11", 200#, white turtle neck w/long sleeves, stone-colored Dockers, Nu Balance 992 shoes, M7 around his neck with a 24mm welded on, and a wandering eye for young (60-ish) beautiful women, that's probably me. (Wandering eye?? My bride of 38 years would cheerfully terminate my existance!)

    George (The Old Fud)
  13. At the bar. (me on the left)
  14. Luigi! You are beautiful!
  15. Yes, but where is Al Kaplan these days? No posts in months? Is he OK?
  16. Jim: Al is alive and very well. He posts fairly often in the Philosphy group!
  17. Borrowed ciggie.
  18. Borrowed cig.
  19. Again.
  20. SCL


    You can see me by clicking on my name...no sense in my taking up additional bandwidth.
  21. OK-Photo is 3 yrs old and I've aged since then. Photo credit to Marc Williams. Jerry
  22. Sorry but I am just too paranoid to post my picture or any personal info here or anywhere else. This isn't even my real name. I once Googled myself and basically saw my life in front of me. Seems we have created our own Big Brother.
  23. To Todd Frederick:

    Who is the guy with the glasses who's lap you seem to be sat upon?
  24. Steven, that's Dude.

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