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  1. A slightly previous thread (and as yet unanswered, and I hope permanently so) prompted me to think some might find this interesting : Having no experience in camera repair but owning a few screw thread Leicas, all wanting some attention of some sort, when a smashed 111A came up on the Bay I bought it. All parts were present and I looked forward to a winter project of, at least figuring out how it all worked. For some reason I also had a conviction I could make it work again. I found the thing so fascinating I couldn't put it down. Perhaps because it is all hand made everything could be straightened (by eye) It must have had a heavy lens on it when it fell a long way because the aluminium bady was pulled out of shape in the direction the blow would cause. To correct it it had the top and bottom covers bound on with wool and all put in a vice and cranked untill I couldn't stand it any more ; this proved to be spot on bu I didn't know that untill a bit later. Those aluminium body sheaths are amazingly flexible and tough. The only things that were actually broken I broke myself in ignorance : the shutter latch, which is cast and won't bend (its shaft will though) and a screw slot in the main shutter drum-shaft. I'm paying for that now, I think, by not being able to get 1000th sec,- the curtains remain closed, it seems. Before and after shots and a pic taken with it :
  2. I'm sitting here hitting refresh, waiting for the damn after photos :)
  3. And a result, after some shimming around. The shimming was later removed, in fact the lens-flange to back-plate seems more accurate than some of my others.
  4. No, that's the un-cropped one. Near enough....
  5. Chris, sorry, couldn't get the pics up.
  6. Just one more.
  7. 1/1000 could also be a victim of the curtain overlap not being correct when closed. 3.5mm, I believe.
  8. It was working OK, John, so something has moved since. I'd splinted and soft-soldered the broken latch but that still looks good.

    BTW there was something very odd in the way the spindles were bent and torn out.
  9. SCL


    My hat's off to you. That's a challenge I would never have given any probability of success.
  10. awahlster

    awahlster Moderator

    Aluminum? I thought these were all brass.
  11. It's an aluminium alloy, like duralumin.
  12. Otherwise brass; some very hard, brittle metal bearing and striking surfaces.
  13. Cool...
  14. My congratulations, super job. Getting the 1000th right can be a bit of hit and miss on the shutter tensions, get the closing curtain set first (about 1 1/2 to 2 turns) and about 3 to 4 on the opening then adjust the opening until the gate is illuminated evenly at 1000th. The ratio is about 4:1 when working OK.
  15. Thanks, Huw. I'll give that a shot ; nice to know the right way to go at it. I was using the 1 sec speed to determine the opening curtain tension. I still have a suspision the brass screw I used through the main drum spindle (securung the speed selector boss) is shearing or has allowed movement (sorry folks).
  16. Bravo! I would have made it into a resin-art piece and used it to weight photo paper...
  17. The daft part is that were I to sell it I would get less than I paid : GBP 60 ; well worth it to me for fun (and therapy) but not a good buy for spares, even ; not to mention a paperweight. Would like to know the story behind it, and that would have made it something to muse on through a block of clear plastic.
  18. Oh dear...
    The images of that poor IIIa have to be the saddest thing I've seen in this forum to date.

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